Business owners do everything they can to raise brand awareness and get as many potential customers interested in their products as possible. Traditional advertising works well enough, but if you aren’t utilizing point of purchase, or POP, displays, you might be missing out big time.

Point of purchase displays are essentially cardboard salesmen; they’re product stands with promotional signage typically found in stores near the checkout line.

But do POP displays actually work? The short answer is an absolute yes, and with various point of purchase manufacturers entering the market willing to serve your business’s needs, the cost to implement them is pretty low. Let’s find out why these simple cardboard stands are so effective.

Importance of the Impulse Buy

Don’t be afraid to admit you’ve bought on impulse before. In fact, 5 out of 6 Americans have reported to making impulse buys in the past. Under the right conditions, our minds subconsciously think a spontaneous chocolate bar is worth buying in a matter of seconds. That’s why grocery stores keep shelves of snacks, magazines, and souvenirs next to the checkout counter.

They Catch Your Eye

A well-designed point of purchase display grabs the attention of a customer quickly. A large sign with capital letters and glowing visuals will always have an advantage over another product that’s merely sitting on the shelf.

Plus, a POP positions itself as a solution to a problem the consumer might not even know he or she has. For instance, you might not think about your breath a lot, but seeing a display for some minty gum might force you to consider how long it’s been since you brushed your teeth.

They Give the Decision to the Customer

We’ve referred to POP displays as “cardboard salesmen” earlier. Point of purchase display manufacturers know how to design signage that informs about a product concisely and efficiently. Quick facts and short blurbs are common for this reason.

Ultimately, the decision to buy was made by the consumer himself. Without a human salesman pushing the deal on, consumers feel like they have control when they buy from a POP display.

They’re Accessible and Convenient

Since POP displays are found in-stores, most people are already mentally prepared to spend money once they see them. The effect is especially potent when the display itself is close to the checkout counter.

On top of that, POP manufacturers know where to place their displays strategically. It would make sense to place a display advertising can openers at the end of an aisle containing canned foods for example.

It’s Time to Choose a POP Manufacturer like McLeish Corr-A-Box

Convinced? Companies everywhere use point of purchase display as an inexpensive yet surprisingly useful way to boost sales of small products like candy bars, bottled beverages, kitchen utensils, and children’s toys among other things. There’s no reason not to get your share.

If you’re looking to hire a point of purchase manufacturer for your business in and around Toronto and the GTA, McLeish Corr-A-Box is your answer. McLeish has been serving companies throughout Ontario for over 40 years with high-quality POP displays. Contact us for your next business venture.

  • A point of purchase display is a stand advertising a particular product. You can find them commonly throughout grocery stores and shopping malls.
  • The best POP displays catch the eye of passing shoppers, are located conveniently near the checkout line, and show how the product can solve a problem a customer might be facing.
  • McLeish Corr-A-Box is the POP manufacturer you need to contact for the best POP displays for your business’s products.