Supporting the environment is a really good thing to do that every business and company should support. Supporting the environment helps you gain customers, especially long-term customers, helps you lower costs long-term due to the increased efficiency of your recycling efforts, and helps you increase profits, as everyone likes environmentally-friendly businesses.

When creating packaging material like corrugated cardboard, much care and effort is put into environmentally-friendly practices, like recycling used containers, as well as re-stocking logged forest lands with more trees so that, in the future, logging companies can continue to harvest trees, turn them into paper, and turn that paper into cardboard boxes.

Made from Renewable Resources

A lot of packaging materials today are made from non-renewable resources. Styrofoam peanuts, metal casing, and more all exist in finite capacities. Even so, it takes a lot of labor in order to extract such materials from the Earth, to create or mold them in a factory, and to ship them to a processing plant in order to create packaging materials.

Renewable resources are important to ensuring that the packaging industry not only protects the environment, but conserves it as well. Using resources like trees is key to creating affordable packaging from a seemingly-infinite renewable resource. Since the productions of boxes start in paper mills, they are a great packaging option for any company that wants to do their part to protect ad cherish planet Earth.

When lumber companies take trees out of the forest, they also plant more in their place. In fact, lumber and logging companies, opposite of their stereotype, do lots to protect the planet, even if it is to protect their future investment. After all, if they cut down all the trees, there will not be any more left to harvest. Even so, they are planting enough trees to make their practices sustainable, making trees and lumber renewable resources.

Boxes are Reusable

Boxes are reusable. You can break them down and unfold them to use for different products. You can use them for different purposes other than shipping products. You can use and reuse them until they wear down. All the possible uses of cardboard containers allows your company to save time and money in the long-term, as well as save the environment by using less cardboard.

Customers also use and reuse cardboard all the time. Cardboard is great for everything from kids’ forts to storing random items on a shelf. There is so much possibility to be had when you reuse cardboard, especially since you know that you are doing your part to protect the environment.

More Energy-Efficient to Create

Since boxes are recycled, they are more energy-efficient to create during the manufacturing process. Old cardboard gets broken down and mixes with new cardboard, allowing new boxes to be made with fewer materials than would be necessary if the manufacturer had solely used new materials.

This lesser demand for cardboard results in a more energy-efficient process of manufacturing, which reduces the manufacturer’s environmental footprint. The manufacturer will not need as much brown kraft paper to create cardboard as they would have had they not recycled anything.

This energy-efficiency, and the lower cost associated with it, is also passed along to the customer. The lower the expenses, the lower the costs that the business owner needs to pass along to the customer. Therefore, theoretically, the prices of goods and services for energy-efficient businesses will be lower, since they can pass the savings along to their customers and clients.

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