There are numerous POP (point of purchase) manufacturers that you will need to choose from when contracting one to build your displays. However, it can be difficult to know which manufacturer is best for you, your company, and your vision. Here are the top four things to look for in a point of purchase display manufacturer so you can increase the potential for success when hosting inventory in a point of purchase display.

A History of Success

Look at POP manufacturers’ past clients and work portfolio. Look at the success rate of their displays. Ensure that when you contract a manufacturer to build your displays that you will have the highest chances of success. After all, it is your money on the line. Regardless of how you do, the manufacturer still gets paid.

You need to find the best manufacturer within your budget and time frame. Make sure that the one you contract has experience creating displays for your industry, or barring that, a similar industry.

If a display manufacturer creates displays for cigarettes but you own a children’s toy store, you may want to contract another display manufacturer to create your displays for you. Context is everything, especially when it comes to experience.

Vibrant Designs

Even if the point of purchase display manufacturer has a history of success, their style and portfolio may not align with your vision for your own future displays. Therefore, you need to scrutinize whether their designs are right for you and right for your business.

It is perfectly fine to evaluate a POP manufacturer, and then decide to go with another competitor, based on the proximity to your vision that the competitor has. You need the best display manufacturer for your company’s vision and goals. It is simply business.

Turnaround Time

Some point of purchase display manufacturers are faster than others at delivering your products to you. This is especially important for holiday-themed displays that you might want to order.

You will preferably need to have such displays shipped to you a few weeks before the holiday rush for each holiday. If you have the displays shipped to you after the holidays, the displays are no good until next year.

Turnaround time matters. You need to find a manufacturer who values punctuality. A great way to figure out how punctual a manufacturer is; look through their online reviews and testimonials, and then contact the companies making those reviews and testimonials directly. If they are satisfied with the display manufacturer, chances are that you will be as well.

An Understanding of Your Products

Great point of purchase display manufacturers will understand your products inside and out. They will do their research. They will provide suggestions on how you can maximize your ability to sell inventory that is hosted on their displays.

A manufacturer that does not do this, no matter how good they are or their track record is, may not be the best option for you and your company. The value of every company exists in the present. You need a company that continuously provides quality work for their clients and customers.

To be a great point of purchase display manufacturer is to know your customer, and to know your customer well. POP manufacturers like McLeish Corr-A-Box, with satisfied customers and clients in and around Toronto and the GTA, know this to be true. If you are looking for a manufacturer to make quality displays for you and your business, do not hesitate to contact us at our website today, or in-store, to speak with our qualified staff.