Corrugated boxes look so simple when we see them in the supermarket, or at the electronics store, or anywhere you might find products with corrugated packaging. However, the manufacturing process can be quite complex, even though most people think that the end product is bland. The manufacturing process, which provides boxes with their strength and durability, is very interesting.

Beyond being just interesting, the process of corrugation and of creating cardboard is necessary to understanding the final product. The positive attributes that we find in cardboard are a direct result of the manufacturing process. Learning the process is vital to appreciating the value that cardboard provides us when we determine the best method to ship products and goods to customers and clients locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Beginning

Cardboard starts in a paper mill. Brown kraft paper is layered, crimped, and glued together. The end result is corrugated cardboard, which is the base material that corrugated boxes are made of. The cardboard is then cut into shape, custom printed, folded, and glued together to form the familiar box shape that we know of when we see the final product.

Finished boxes are then bound together with plastic or some other material and shipped to the customer that ordered them. This whole process is fascinating, even more so when you consider that most people have no idea how much time and effort goes into creating a cardboard box, and how efficient and useful the box becomes as a result of this process.

The Middle

Once the corrugated boxes are shipped to the customer, they are used to package and ship products safely locally, nationally and internationally. Again, these boxes are so durable and strong due to their manufacturing process. This means that they are great for shipping fragile items like glass, art, clothing, paper, or more.

Quality cardboard boxes can easily hold weights of over 50 lbs, making them the perfect choice for business owners in a variety of industries. Beyond select industries like home appliance manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, and more, few products will weigh more than 5 to 10 lbs. This understanding makes boxes the perfect choice for shipping practically anything to your customer.

The End

The value of boxes, especially ones that are corrugated, cannot be underestimated. They are light, strong, and affordable. They are durable enough to carefully transport the most fragile of inventory that you may have. They have all these attributes because of the manufacturing process with cardboard boxes go through in order to be turned from brown paper into their final product.

If you are using corrugated containers to house and ship your products, that is great. If not, you should do a comparison between corrugated containers and your packaging materials, and decide which option is best for your business. Unless you need a specialty packaging material, there is no better packaging material than corrugated cardboard.

The science behind cardboard boxes is really cool, but the science behind the results is cooler. Learning the manufacturing process of cardboard and corrugation is key to learning the benefits that boxes hold. There are so many benefits to this type of packaging that it should become your first choice when it comes to shipping products to customers and clients.

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