Shipping products has become extremely important, especially in recent years when online shopping has overtaken the retail world. People rely on getting quality product intact when they order online. Whether it is for a birthday, holiday or other important even, it only makes good business sense to ensure your client receives products in perfect condition. The best way to do this is with corrugated boxes. The money you will save by not having to replace broken products or even losing the business of frustrated customers will make switching to corrugated boxes worthwhile. Our team at McLeish is well-versed in shipping and storage containers, specifically boxes that house all types of products. Whether you are shipping near or far, you must have a reliable, durable container to ensure your business success and growth. McLeish Corr-A-Box is a packaging and design firm that specializes in providing quality, durable corrugated boxes for your company’s shipping and storage needs in Toronto and across the GTA.

Customize Corrugated Boxes to Optimize Marketing

Optimizing your marketing strategy economically is win-win. There are very few ways to advertise effectively yet inexpensively, but the design on the outside of a box can do this for your company. Our team can fully customize boxes to match the size and shape of your products, and can add artwork to the outside of the packaging to ensure your product is not forgotten. In the meantime, you are building brand and product recognition since boxes are durable and last for many uses. Let us sit down with you and review your products to see which type of customization may work best for your needs. We have many decades of experience in this area, and a large contingency of repeat customers to vouch for our high quality service and value. We can work with any sized project and stay within your budget. Our team will be pleased to offer advice and support to help you make the best packaging and design solutions for your company, including durable, reliable corrugated boxes.

Knowledge, Experience and Customer Service Set our Team Apart for Boxes in Toronto and the GTA

Why choose McLeish-Corr-A-Box to help you with your packaging and design solutions? Easy – here are the reasons:

  1. Experience – after over four decades of service, we have the experience and know-how to ensure your products are safely shipped and stored using the highest quality, most durable corrugated boxes on the market. Adding in customization only helps your business and is done at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising.
  2. Customer Service – we keep our customers over the long term because we respect their time, money and opinions. We value our working relationships and strive to ensure full satisfaction each time we work together. We listen to your requirements and make suggestions based on your needs and what we think will work best for your company.
  3. Commitment to the environment – from our environmentally friendly processing facility, to sustainable materials and reusable, recyclable materials, we respect the environment and strive to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.
  4. Cost– Let’s face it, cost is typically a number one consideration for doing business with a particular company. At McLeish, we keep costs down and service high. Boxes are durable, reliable and typically inexpensive. In this case, you often get more than what you are paying for.

McLeish Corr-A-Box has been serving our valued clients in Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA for over 40 years. Our services range from various types of packaging and design, including the sturdy, reliable corrugated box. Our team can make your packaging and design dreams a reality.