Knowledge does not always translate into understanding, and nowhere is this more relevant than in the diverse and constantly changing world of marketing.

Take POP (or point of purchase) advertising, for example, which is deployed in-store to drive brand awareness and promote real-time discounts. While this tried-and-tested marketing channel has been deployed for generations and offers a number of well-known advantages to businesses, it can only be used successfully with the right execution a high quality of design.

This is why so many brands employ the services of a point of purchase manufacturer, as these service providers understand the process and techniques required to create a truly engaging advert.

In this post, explore this further and appraise the key steps required to create an effective POP display.

1. Understand Your Unique Value Proposition

With any type if marketing, it’s imperative that you have a clearly defined value proposition before you get started. This translates into a simple and easy to understand message, and one that can be conveyed clearly even on relatively small POP displays.

This requires you to focus on a unique feature that offers value to customers, whether this relates to the purpose of the product, its role within an existing range or a discounted price point. Your choice will depend on the product in question, but the key is that you identify a viable hook that will engage customers and compel them to make a purchase.

As POP displays can be leveraged to drive wider awareness, you may also want to create adverts that promote brand values or narratives. So long as these also offer some form of tangible value to customers, they can be used as the foundation for a truly effective POP campaign.

This process will not only help you to create clear and concise messaging for your adverts, but it may also offer a greater insight into your products and the needs of your consumers.

2. Create an Eye-Catching, But Consistent Design

When designing a POP display, it’s only natural that you should want your advert to stand out. While the use of bright colours and unusual shapes is to be recommended, however, it’s important that you observe a couple of key rules if you’re to be successful.

Firstly, it’s crucial that your POP display retains a style and colour palette that is consistent with your brand. Remember, brand recognition is key, and with the customer journey now evolving to include multiple on and offline channels it’s imperative that your visual identity remains consistent across all platforms.

Secondly, try not to utilise unusual shapes and colours at the expense of your key message and value proposition. Sure, it’s important that your displays stand out from their competitors, but you have only a small window of opportunity to engage customers and an overly complex design could prevent them from absorbing your messaging.

This is where working with a specialist POP manufacturer can add genuine value, as they’ll work within a wider marketing strategy and can help to create visually appealing but effective displays.

3. Make the Most of Your Location

Location is crucial when creating POP displays, both from a logistical perspective and if you’re to achieve your goal of effectively engaging customers.

In terms of the former, it’s important that in-store ads and free-standing displays do not provide a physical obstacle to customers. This may be a simple consideration, but it’s one that will help to keep customers onside, maintain positive brand associations and prevent your products from being knocked to the floor on a regular basis.

But what about optimising the placement of displays to engage customers?

This is a little harder to achieve, but in the case of counter POP displays you simply need to apply a little common sense. These displays need to be open and accessible to consumers, for example, so that they have the opportunity to handle products and read their packaging.

Similarly, these displays must be easy to access while customers are queuing, so that they don’t need to hold up lines or reach over people in order to check your products.

Choose the Right Point of Purchase Manufacturer to Design Your Display

As we can see, execution is everything when designing a POP display.

That’s why we started McLeish Corr-A-Box. We’ve been helping businesses in Ontario, Toronto and the GTA to successfully embrace this type of advertising for years now. If you’d like to find out more, contact us today and a helpful representative will be happy to take your call.

  • POP displays must be well designed if they’re to help you achieve your marketing goals
  • A specialist POP manufacturer can design displays that reflect your brand and objectives
  • Understanding your value proposition can help to create a more concise message