Small to mid-size businesses are always looking for effective marketing tools that won’t break the budget.  Look no further than a point of purchase (POP) display, created and designed by McLeish Corr-A-Box.  Advertising prices are very high and available to only the largest, most financially flush businesses, while the smaller to mid-size companies are left out.  With a POP display, you can effectively market your product, as well as create brand and company awareness, all within your budget.  A POP display is a display case that houses your product neatly and professionally, and is placed near or at the checkout to further promote your products to consumers as they are checking out.  These displays are proven to persuade consumers to make a purchase, and by doing so, increase your bottom line.  It’s a win-win situation – the consumers get the best products and your business gets the sale.  Regardless of what type of product you are promoting, a POP display is the way to go for a company that finds today’s advertising prices unreachable.  McLeish Corr-A-Box is a package and design company that specializes in packaging and marketing solutions to meet all your business needs.

Show Off Your Sales, Seasonal and New Products with a POP Display

What better way to show off your sales, seasonal and even new product launches than with a point of purchase display?  Consumers are always looking for sales and great deals, and there is nothing more visible and eye-catching than a well-designed, well-placed display.  Selling products today is even more difficult given the large amount of competition, but with a point of purchase display, you have an edge over the competition.  Consumers prefer nicely organized, clearly displayed products.  Combined with a colourful, eye-catching display, you will be assured to attract attention and sales with the display.  There are POP displays for every type of product.   Easy to take down, put up, install and save for next time – fully reusable and recyclable.  Try a POP display from McLeish Corr-A-Box, and watch your products sell!

POP Displays are Eco-Friendly

At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we see the environment as a priority.  Our customers have asked for eco-friendly products and we deliver.  Based on our high-tech manufacturing plant and our sustainable materials, we feel our carbon footprint is small and trending downward.  POP displays are often made of cardboard, but it is reusable, and recyclable.  We want the best for our customers and our planet.  Our priorities are high quality customer service, great value and the best quality industry wide as well as using environmentally sustainable materials to serve you.  Knowing that our future is protected by companies like McLeish Corr-A-Box will hopefully make our clients feel that much better about dealing with us.  Our many repeat clients and our longevity in the industry are proof positive that we stand behind our word.

We have been serving our valued customers in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario for approximately 40 years, and look forward to many more years of great quality service. See us to find out what the best type of point of purchase display is for your product.  From customization to marketing, and from environmentally sound products to increased sales, McLeish Corr-A-Box has all your packaging and design needs covered!