At first glance, it may seem strange to suggest that boxes play a significant role in the growth of your business.

This does a disservice to the small and seemingly insignificant details that determine commercial success or failure, however, with packaging offering a relevant case in point.

In this article, we’ll look at the ways in which boxes and packaging impact on your business, and ask how you can capitalize as an entrepreneur.

1. Operational Costs

When product-oriented businesses determine their profit margins, they start by creating cost bases for the individual items that they ship and sell.

This cumulative figure includes every conceivable cost, from the amount required to manufacture a product to the packaging used during shipment.

The boxes that you use are central to this, and as a business owner, there are two factors that need to be considered. Firstly, you should strive to choose the smallest boxes possible to ship individual goods, as this will reduce the amount of packaging used and the associated cost.

Secondly, you should pay careful attention to the type of materials used, with corrugated boxes and cardboard sustainable, reusable and available in a huge diversity of shapes and sizes.

2. Branding

Another key element of your packaging is branding, as the boxes that you use offer you the opportunity to organically promote your brand among an engaged audience.

The key here is to invest in a high quality of design and execution, in an attempt to create eye-catching packaging that is also cost-effective.

In terms of branding, it’s also important to focus on consistency and ensure that your packages serve as a recognizable extension of your visual brand identity.

This will help to build brand awareness and drive recognition, even in competitive markets that feature a number of similar suppliers.

3. Sustainability

We’ve already touched on the fact that materials such as corrugated cardboard are sustainable, and this offers some significant advantages to businesses.

Aside from reducing costs through repeated use, the deployment of sustainable boxes helps to reinforce the Eco-friendly credentials of your brand.

This has never been more important, with customers increasingly likely to prioritize brands that place a strong and provable emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.

Without this, you may find it difficult to compete in your chosen market or achieve the desired market share.

4. Performance

Last, but by no means least, we come to the performance of your packaging, which must serve the dual purpose of protecting products and creating a positive impression in the minds of customers.

After all, if customers receive goods that are damaged or broken, they’re unlikely to become loyal patrons or make repeat purchases in the future.

Once again, the use of corrugated boxes can help with this, as this material is renowned for being durable and moisture resistant, while the availability of various sizes helps you to select packaging that suits the shape or composition of your individual products.

Unlocking the Various Benefits of Corrugated Boxes for your Business

As we can see, the type of packaging and shipping materials that you use can have a diverse and far-reaching impact on your business.

It’s also evident that corrugated boxes offer particular value to business-owners, thanks to its natural properties, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable nature.

At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we can also lend our considerable expertise from a design perspective, with our team capable of branding your packaging to drive recognition.

We service Toronto, Ontario, and the GTA. If you are interested in securing corrugated boxes for your business, contact us today.

  • The boxes and packaging that you use can have a considerable impact on various aspects of your business.
  • The use of sustainable and flexible materials like corrugated cardboard can be particularly beneficial to brands.
  • The team at McLeish Corr-A-Box can help to brand and design your boxes to a professional standard.