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It has been proven countless amounts of times in marketing studies that packaging and design attracts the consumer’s attention to a product. Packaging and design hopefully triggers a positive feel good reaction in a potential buyer to make them want this product.

There is a large amount of literature on the topic of the psychology of packaging and design. Businesses sell to the consumer. The best way to sell to a consumer is to cater to what your potential client’s mind likes to see and feel when purchasing a particular product. Just go into a grocery store and see how consumers are bombarded with every type of marketing ploy possible. There is no question that product packaging and design are crucial to the success and longevity of any consumer product.

Packaging and Design Stimulations

  • Colours
  • Graphic elements
  • Shape
  • Sound

Once a consumer touches a product the chances of this consumer purchasing the product increases considerably. If a person is turned off by the packaging and design the likelihood of them purchasing the product is reduced considerably, even if it is a great product. There are countless examples of superior products that lose in volume of consumption to inferior products simply by virtue of their inferior packaging and design.

McLeish Corr-A-Box’s creative design team factors in all consumer stimulations and marketing trends.

There are known examples of cases such as a famous shoe company that spent months, almost 2 years designing the perfect shoe box. Packaging and design is key and the foundation of any form of marketing.

As it turns out the shoe company went through many packaging and design ideas and came up with a bag. The shoes are surrounded by cardboard and fit into bag with a handle.

Packaging and Design is such a powerful tool it wouldn’t be surprising that this innovative idea will be the new wave on packaging shoes. The real test will be if competitors follow suit and that is only a matter of time.

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