Delicate table top, for jewelry or cosmetics; rugged and tough to hold car parts and tools on a hard retail floor; wow factor stand out in a trade show space; able to take a few shopping carts in the gut… our POP displays are practically superheroes out there for our customers, and we’re proud they were created in our workshop. We create monsters when it comes to value and effectiveness in corrugated merchandising solutions for all our clients. Let us co-create an effective beast of a POP display with you for your brand.

No Limitations in Our Creations

When space is limited, like with a counter-top unit, you may opt to employ eye catching colour and shapes in the design of your point of purchase display to maximize effectiveness. Eyeballs are the first response every POP display requires to perform its duties, regardless of location placement. A small display has the potential to be just as effective as a big floor model with all the bells and whistles, and our designers at McLeish Corr-A-Box have the experience and expertise to create small scale table top elements with big impact to successfully feature your product.

Weighing in on Point of Purchase Displays

Large, rugged floor model displays are another specialty of ours, especially when having to consider product weights. Heavy carpentry tools, automotive parts, construction items and hardware products require maximum sturdiness of construction, ease of item access and often customized design. As a point of purchase display manufacturer we pride ourselves on our product strength and design, and we haven’t let a customer down in over forty years. All of the corrugated merchandising solutions we produce are structurally sound to hold impressive weigh load requirements. Our customers and their products rely on our strength and appreciate our value.

Eye Catching Decisions

Eye catching shape, graphics and design means the world to a brand, particularly in a crowd of competition for attention, like with an industry trade show or compromised retail space. The decision to create impact and incorporate wow factor elements of vibrant colour, inviting graphics and eye grabbing contours can mean the difference between getting noticed as opposed to not being seen at all. Even sound and lighting can be utilized within the structural design of our corrugated displays to add more flavour and pizzazz for showcasing your products. Our McLeish design team enjoys over four decades of experience generating impact, functionality and value that translates into revenue for our customers.

POP Display Engagement

Brand engagement, particularly with the use of social media, apps and smart phone interaction, can also make for multifunctional point of purchase display features that create impact and customer loyalty. New software and network technology in hand held and wearable devices allow for connectivity and brand engagement opportunities right at the point of purchase display itself. The potential is there to maximize the effectiveness of your corrugated merchandising solutions. Contact one of our experienced McLeish reps about your marketing programs and goals to see how we can integrate some additional fresh tech elements into your point of purchase displays.

Taking Hits and Standing Strong

No matter the shape, size, colour or fancy technical features, every POP display will take some kind of a beating. Whether it’s a swift knock of an elbow at the cash register or a bash in the gut by a shopping cart, our displays can take a few hits mainly because of the high quality product we demand of ourselves. Our durability of construction is also what makes our displays a mobile favourite for traveling shows and sales reps. The excellent raw materials we use, the innovative manufacturing practices we employ and the solid structural design and construction we create allows our POP displays to take on some rough and tumble and still remain standing strong in locations throughout Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario. When you’re looking to put a merchandising beast of effectiveness out on the retail floor, contact us at McLeish to cost effectively create point of purchase display excellence for you.