We are often contacted by potential and long standing customers with what may seem like crazy requests for corrugated boxes. In over forty years in business, there’s not much crazy left that could surprise or stump us. Many times people are amazed that we’re not fazed by their requirements and requests. At McLeish Corr-A-Box we seem to really have a knack of delivering beyond expectations.

Pet Boxes

We had a pet store request specially designed boxes for feeder mice and insects that not only had breathing holes but also handles and an interior base lining. Not a problem, we delivered on their custom order and they continue as a customer of ours to this day. Their last order was for specially designed corrugated boxes to be used as pet coffins.

Custom Boxes for Corporate Events

We’ve even created uniquely designed corrugated boxes for corporate events and give-a-ways. Once a client requested we design a set of boxes that worked like Russian nesting dolls. Their company was celebrating seventy-five successful years in business and had an employee promotion initiative at their big corporate gala. Each place setting had a colourful box with the company anniversary logo on it. As employees took their seat, the event MC walked them thru the interactive opening of each box within a box until their prizes were revealed. That night at the event they gave away a car, a jet ski, stereos, TVs, vacations and more. Even to this day when our McLeish rep visits their corporate offices some of those 75th anniversary nesting boxes are still seen sitting on employee desks.

Moving Boxes

Sometimes we get companies with specific printing requirements above and beyond just branding and corporate logos. Some moving companies that purchase boxes from us request printed fill-in-the-blank graphics that allow movers to write information directly on the box in a uniformed organized manner. Box __ of __ Location/Room: ___ Contents: ____ etc. We’re well known in the moving industry for our reliable quality boxes and extra organizational features such as these.

Surprise Boxes

One of the most fun requests we’ve had came from a party supply and novelty store that placed a specific order for human sized surprise boxes. They wanted their store logo printed on and also wanted the boxes to look as if they were wrapped up like big gifts. We had to disguise some breathing holes and also ensure the box was durable yet also quite easy to bust out of. We can’t explain to you how much fun we had at McLeish Corr-A-Box testing the bust-out feature of our custom created surprise boxes. Our customer has since placed several repeat orders for these custom party boxes, and they often share great stories with our customer service department about birthday and anniversary surprises reuniting people with the fun use of our corrugated creations.

Transforming Boxes

Another fun yet challenging request was to create a product box that could be folded into a corrugated toy after the contents were removed. We’ve actually created a few of these since the initial custom order. The challenge for our design team was to make the transformation of product box into toy easy enough for anyone to fold along the dotted lines and construct in a short amount of time. That was another fun creation for us to test out in our offices.

Contact Us with Your Ideas and Goals

We’ve created many more crazy custom corrugated designs that possibly other box manufacturers would laugh at rather than attempt to produce. At McLeish Corr-A-Box we enjoy the challenge to fulfill and exceed customer requirements and requests. If you’re in Toronto, the GTA or across Ontario and have what you think may be a crazy corrugated box idea for your business or brand, we would love the opportunity to hear it and appreciate co-creating your desired results with you. Contact us today and let’s achieve your goals together.