At McLeish Corr-A-Box we have the skills, talent and technology to create a plethora of different corrugated boxes. From shipping to product packaging, nothing is off limits when it comes to designing and producing quality corrugated products. Our customers come to us with ideas, specifications and goals they wish to achieve, and we get excited about participating in their success. When our customers want more than just simple boxes, we aim to rise to the challenge and secure customer satisfaction.

Double Duty Boxes

Sometimes clients seek to go outside the box and really get creative. Over our forty plus years, we’ve created boxes for customers that have been designed with a dual purpose in mind, as with pallet designed boxes for big-box retail. Structural design elements can accommodate transformation allowing a display aspect to corrugated boxes. In certain circumstances, depending on the size and shape of your products, your boxes can be constructed to double as point of purchase displays. In a case where this double duty feature is possible, you will most certainly enjoy the value when dealing with our experienced, innovative McLeish designers. They like to push themselves and even be trailblazers in the world of corrugated cardboard design.

Waste Not Want Not

Corrugated cardboard is recyclable, can be produced in an environmentally conscious way, and is gaining popularity again as the consumer preferred method of product packaging. Consumers often complain about the extreme use of plastics in packaging. A brand can easily be snubbed, even boycotted, via social media and word of mouth, for the use of intense packaging and lack of environmental awareness in manufacturing and waste creation. Many companies are increasingly considering corrugated solutions to their packaging issues and merchandising needs. Corrugated cardboard boxes are gaining consumer appreciation and popularity well above plastics as we move into a new paradigm of consumer consciousness.

Anything Is Possible Using Corrugated Cardboard

We’re also in the business of retail merchandising, so we can pretty much construct anything using corrugated cardboard. It really comes down to working with the client and co-creating their desired vision. Our specialty is custom designed orders, and our customers rely on us to deliver excellence. The structural construction of all our corrugated products stems from the high quality raw materials we use and the eco-friendly manufacturing processes we employ. At McLeish Corr-A-Box we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, whether delivering standard corrugated boxes or high end product packaging, because we’re confident in the quality products we produce and we truly enjoy what we do.

Tell Us What You Need

At McLeish we let our experience speak. We take all customer input into consideration, which means we listen to create. We ask more than required questions and share our innovation with our clients to ensure that together, there is excellence in what we co-create.
What are you in need of?
– Plain standard boxes with your company logo
– Quality packaging of your products
– Corrugated boxes that transform into displays

Contact us today and speak to a knowledgeable McLeish representative. Share your vision with us and let us deliver the value you seek in achieving your desired results. We enjoy providing customer satisfaction to all our clients in Toronto, the GTA and Ontario wide, and we’ve been successfully doing it for more than four decades now.