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A point of purchase (POP) display is a great way to market new, seasonal or special products to your current and potential customers. POP displays stand out and catch the eye of the consumer due to placement in the store and design of the display. Placing speciality or new products near the checkout counter is proven to influence customers to make a purchase. Many consumers are making final purchasing decisions near the checkout counter and by placing products nearby in a professionally designed POP display, often times a sale is made! McLeish Corr-A-Box is an industry leading packaging and design firm that can work with your company to design and place an effective point of purchase display to help market your product and create brand awareness, thereby increasing your bottom line.

A point of purchase display can be part of a greater marketing strategy that works to increase your bottom line. Consider launching a product in a POP display by placing it alongside other similar products. Consumers have proven time and again that they prefer nicely packaged, neatly displayed items and by taking this small step, you can benefit from this knowledge. POP displays are simple to install and easily disassembled, are cost-effective, eco-friendly and most importantly, effective at selling and promoting your products. Our design team can customize your POP display to your specifications, including adding colour, wording or logos to the outside to further market your brand, product and company.

McLeish Corr-A-Box offers a broad array of packaging and design services to our valued customers in Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA. We have been in the packaging industry for 40 years and our strengths and priorities include quality, customer service and value when we create a point of purchase display for your product.