We have been designing, producing and delivering quality excellence in corrugated merchandising solutions for some time now, and we pat ourselves on the back for the many years worth of satisfied customers we’ve created POP displays for. It’s not easy to be seen and acknowledged within a mass of competition on the retail floor. You have to be innovative, creative and resourceful to make an impact and achieve the sales goals you seek to accomplish. Our intention at McLeish Corr-A-Box is to co-create solutions with you to get you to where you want to be. Our customer satisfaction is ours, and on your team, we only succeed when you do.

We Are Corrugated Experts

In our industry, we’re considered corrugated experts, thanks to over forty successful years in business designing and manufacturing quality products. We keep on top of our business practices, new technologies, environmentally friendly green initiatives, and we look to streamline production so we can thus pass the savings and knowledge onto our customers. Keeping a breast of current trends, consumer habits and industry innovation allows us the power to most effectively design and produce the solutions our customers seek year after year. As a long time point of purchase display manufacturer, we possess the skill and experience of creating a plethora of cost effective corrugated merchandising solutions for customers in practically every situation. Have a look at our website to see a few examples.

Life as a Product on Display

As a product for sale in a competitive environment, best positioning is a major factor for success. You must be seen before you can be purchased and location becomes paramount. If you end up in a display unit, you want to look good because a different story is being told about you as opposed to if you were residing on retail shelf space sandwiched between your competitors vying for attention. You hope that the display does you justice, you’re a good item, even a little hoopla or pizzazz would be nice to get you noticed. Extra features and incentives may help you to get picked up and taken to the cash register for purchase. Our designed POP displays have the ability to maximize the visibility of your goods in a retail environment to achieve the goal of turning displayed products into sales revenues.

Seasonal Trends

Point of purchase displays can follow seasonal shopping trends depending on the products your company offers. You may have SKUs that are best suited to certain holidays, like Christmas decorations or Halloween novelties. Maybe your offerings are seasonally time specific, as with summer and sun screen or winter and ice scrapers. If you’re launching a new product or revamping/repackaging an existing one, display units are effective tools in re/introducing items on the retail floor.

Beyond the Purchase

Is your intention to solely display your products strictly for purchase or do you have something of added value to offer the consumer? Consider powering up your retailing unit with additional offerings or incentives such as coupons, product information booklets, recipes, project ideas, etc. Elements of additional value generate excitement, especially when you involve social media marketing initiatives. POP displays have come a long way since we started, beyond just creative graphics and structural design. Technical innovation has opened the doors of potential impact and effective opportunities available to our customers, and we enjoy co-creating fresh ideas in corrugated retail merchandising. Contact us to see what we can do for your business.

POP Displays Stellar Reputation

At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we really know what we’re doing, we enjoy what we do and we do it well. Successful in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario for over forty years, our corrugated solutions satisfy enough to solidify repeat orders and long time customers. We strive to ensure our customers are clearly seen and presented well in any retail environment, regardless if their POP display is a floor model, a counter top unit or display ready pallets. We go the distance for our customers and that affords us a stellar reputation in our industry.