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A Point of purchase display is a great marketing tool, used to draw customer attention to your products. It is often used to promote new products, seasonal items or special offers, but it can also help in promoting special events. McLeish Corr-A-Box is a packaging and design firm that specializes in point of purchase (POP) displays that work as silent salespeople at the point of purchase to promote your products. Point of purchase displays can include shelf edging, dummy packs, display stands, mobiles, posters, banners, etc. Our team of expert designers at McLeish Corr-A-Box can work with you to assess your requirements and help design the best POP display to promote your products and increase brand awareness, both of which are keys to success in today’s competitive retail market.

At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we use both innovative design and high quality graphics to draw customer attention to your products via a POP display. We can develop colorful and imaginative packaging that will result in a point of purchase display that works for you and your products. There are several different types of POP displays, including:

Floor display

A floor display POP sits directly on the floor at the retail store. Floor displays need the strength and durability to hold enough product to make it cost effective.

Container display

A container display is an effective point of purchase display solution for displaying small products. You can choose between single level, multi-tiered, dividers, etc. There are many different options and we can help you find the one that will display and promote your products best.

Pallet Display

A pallet display is completely assembled and packed with product when it arrives at the retail store. The pallet simply needs to be unwrapped and moved to its assigned location in the store. Some large retail chains have policies related to pallet displays and McLeish Corr-A-Box is aware of these rules and able to assist you in navigating them.

McLeish Corr-A-Box is a packaging and design company in Toronto. We offer customized POP (point of purchase) displays to companies in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Ontario.