Are you in need of large size corrugated boxes? Do you have big items or a large volume to cargo ship, possibly overseas? Look no further than McLeish Corr-A-Box for a wide variety and optimal value in corrugated packaging solutions for all your shipping needs. We’ve been successfully designing and manufacturing quality boxes for over four decades, and if we don’t readily have exactly what you need available on hand, our seasoned design and production teams can effectively facilitate precisely what you require. Big or small, we create boxes for a plethora of products and objects. Give us a call and tell us what you need.

Reliable Structure

Structural reliability is crucial when shipping your goods, particularly when transporting large items or big volume shipments overseas. Our boxes are meticulously constructed to withstand the rigors of shipping, handling and storage. As a well seasoned corrugated box manufacturer, we have experience producing quality boxes and containers for big objects like industrial machinery and components, engines, automotive parts, furniture, appliances, home accessories, large electronics and so on. Our industrial packaging design services ensures that all parts, accessories and components are safely packaged and secured within the corrugated housing unit, which eliminates the need for any additional packing materials, like non-environmentally-friendly plastic air bags or Styrofoam chips.

High Volume

Moving companies in particular, appreciate the structural integrity of our boxes in addition to our competitive pricing and timely delivery. Businesses such as these typically place large volume orders with us, especially if any printing is involved, because they rapidly cycle through big quantities of boxes and cannot afford to be in an out-of-stock position. Volume pricing can be an added incentive, especially on customized orders, so more often than not customers that typically utilize a lot of boxes in their business select to place large run orders with us.

Store It with Us

Some of our customers do not have the warehouse space to facilitate their large inventory of boxes. In cases such as these, we run their high volume orders and store them at our facility to ship out as needed. We employ an innovative warehouse management system that ensures us efficient stock organization and timely customer delivery. We have our own fleet of delivery trucks so our distribution is controlled in-house, and we can even deliver to multiple location points for a single customer order. Having this warehousing and transportation power allows us the ability to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs.

Best Structural Design Talent

Large objects that require corrugated housing may call for customized structural design. Thankfully here at McLeish we employ some of the best structural design talent in the industry. Coupled with our technological innovation, our designers create sound construction of corrugated products that ensure the contents reach their destination in tact. We only use the highest quality corrugate and linerboard and our manufacturing practices guarantee quality control, making it easy for us to confidently stand behind every box that comes off our production line.

An Industry Leader

Manufacturing corrugated boxes certainly isn’t rocket science, but if we didn’t do what we do so well, our customers wouldn’t come back to us time and time again. We enjoy a hearty list of satisfied long time customers in Toronto, the GTA or across Ontario, many of whom rely on us as their corrugated solutions provider. Our success depends directly upon our customer satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on our high level of service. When you’re in need of corrugated boxes, consider doing business with an industry leader like McLeish Corr-A-Box.