In case you hadn’t noticed, packaging waste has become one of the most significant environmental issues of our time. This is at least partially down to the throwaway culture in which we live, while the sustained use of non-recyclable materials has created a problem that is now evident across the globe.

Fortunately, businesses are taking proactive steps to tackle this issue, as they look to reduce the packaging and waste within their ventures and change existing customer behaviours. The gradual withdrawal of the plastic carrier bag represents a key battle in this ongoing war, but it in truth it’s only a small part of a much larger and more comprehensive process.

In the post below, we’ll discuss the challenge facing businesses and the key steps that they can take to reduce the amount of packaging used throughout their venture.

1. Investing in the use of Recyclable Materials

In order to truly get to the heart of a problem, you’ll need to consider it in simplistic terms.

In the case of packaging, this means focusing on the materials that you use to ship individual packages and products. The challenge here is ensuring that you identify sustainable and recyclable materials that do not compromise on your ability to package and ship products securely.

So, while this would rule out single-use cardboard boxes, there are a number of efficient and cost-effective alternatives for you to consider. Take corrugated cardboard containers for example, which are among the cheapest cartons on the market and constructed using almost entirely recyclable and reusable materials.

Not only can these containers enable you to save money and reduce your firms’ carbon footprint, but they are also capable to safeguarding your products from breakage, fire and water damage.

Most importantly, corrugated boxes can also be purchased in a number of different shapes and sizes, which in turn empowers businesses to minimise the amount of packaging used in relation to each individual product and shipment.

2. Use Self-Stacking Boxes or Crates Instead of Shrink-wrap

When packaging individual boxes as part of a bulk shipment, it’s common practice for companies to enclose these in shrink-wrap. While this may be a tried-and-tested method of ensuring that boxes are packed tightly and securely, this requires a significant amount of additional packaging that is costly and extremely damaging to the environment.

So, what’s the solution?

Fortunately, technology has evolved to offer a cost-effective and sustainable alternative in the form of self-stacking corrugated containers and crates. As their name suggests, these innovative boxes can be stacked securely on one another without the need to utilise additional materials, creating a more environmentally friendly shipment that will drastically reduce your packaging outlay.

It’s arguable that you’ll be able to package stackable boxes with even greater efficiency, maximising the cost-effectiveness of each load and reducing the amount of individual shipments that you complete over time.

3. Train your Employees to Handle Packaging in a Way that Allows Reuse

While there may be individual steps that enable you to minimise the amount of packaging used throughout your business, it’s also important to create a culture that reinforces the importance of sustainability among your employees.

If you want to understand this in greater detail, here’s an example:

When dealing with staff members who handle and open incoming packages within your business, you should consider training them effective techniques that enable them to operate carefully and avoid contamination. This ensures that the packaging is not unnecessarily damaged or suddenly unfit for purpose, and capable of being reused to send outgoing post.

This is particularly important with recyclable packaging, as you may be able to get multiple uses from materials if you handle them carefully.

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As we can see, one of the most effective ways to reduce packaging is to ensure that you utilise the right materials and boxes in your business. McLeish Corr-A-Box is a business that can help in this respect, as we have served as a key supplier of sustainable packaging in Toronto, Ontario, the GTA, and all of North America for some time now.

  • Choosing recyclable, corrugated containers can help to reduce the packaging in your business
  • Utilise smart and innovative boxes to eliminate the use of materials such as shrink-wrap
  • Contact our team to determine which packaging best suits your needs