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What is so special about some products that make it become the “next bestseller”? These products usually spend a considerable amount of time planning their marketing strategy which always starts with their packaging. Their goal is to have the prospective client have an “experience” from the moment it sees the product to the moment it opens the packaging of the product.

A company, which is innovative in its marketing and pays attention to detail, clearly has a better chance of gaining market share. It all starts with packaging and design. The product doesn’t necessarily need to be completely novel or radically different. Most of the businesses sell well-known consumer goods and, sometimes, they underestimate the role packaging and design which gives prospective customers a pleasant experience and attracts their attention. It has been proven time and again that packaging and design is one of the most important factors in creating a good first impression and provides an “experience” for the consumer. This is crucial in the branding process of any product.

Why does Packaging and Design Matter

  • Packaging and Design helps you to differentiate your product from the products of your competitors. People judge various goods by its appearance. Companies, which have proper packaging design with recognizable colours and a company’s label on it, tend to succeed in gaining and maintaining customers. While those companies, which have plain packaging design or a packaging without a “face”, remain unknown.
  • Packaging is always associated with a product. Even if you have a good product to sell, you are unlikely to succeed in reaching your audience without an appealing packaging design.
  • Packaging and its design is also a part of the company’s branding strategy. By ignoring this essential part, companies risk losing potential customers. Simply because we always wonder what is inside this cute box.

In a nutshell, by playing with various shapes, colours and graphic elements in packaging design, your company wins much more than you might expect. It adds branding value to your product and makes you shine in the market. It’s a simple way to innovate without re-inventing the wheel.

McLeish Corr-A-Box has been working with its customers and helping them to create their own flavored packaging and design in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario for more than 40 years.