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A POP (point of purchase) display can be the most efficient way to sell a product in a store. It is a special shelf or display rack made to display a special, seasonal or promotional product. It often has a unique design including letters, pictures, colours and even shapes. A well-designed, well-placed POP display can easily catch customers’ eyes and have a positive impact on the final purchasing decisions made at a critical point, often at the cash register. McLeish Corr-A-Box will work with you to find best placement for your POP display to ensure optimal impact on potential customer’s final decisions.

POP displays are easily customizable in terms of colour, logos, wording or shapes. A POP display acts as a stage for the main character, your product. Highlighting the product with customization will further enhance the attractiveness of the POP display. Adding your company’s logo to increase brand awareness is another great way to customize and to ensure your brand and logo are committed to memory for customers. Messaging is also important, since written words are often what influences customer;s final purchasing decisions. Our professional team of designers can work with you to assess your marketing strategy in terms of POP displays, and help create a POP display that will highlight your product in the most effective way to increase sales. At McLeish Corr-A-Box, our priority is our client, and we will strive to meet all your needs in terms of customer service, design quality and value.

McLeish Corr-A-Box is a package and design company in Toronto. We offer various services including manufacturing and designing POP displays to companies in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario.