In the retail calendar, the time is right now to be planning for the biggest annual shopping season. Those final months of the year bring heavy purchasing power to practically everyone in each household regardless of what they may or may not be celebrating. From groceries to gadgets, toys to clothing, books to games… sales revenues spike during the festive gift giving season, and rarely is any item immune to being scooped up in an impulse purchasing frenzy. In a sea of competition on the retail floor, effective point of purchase displays can actively help move your products right off the shelf during this highly energetic time of year. Are you ready to go with yours?!

Best Bang for Your Buck

Take advantage of this season’s consumer spending activity with the utilization of a professional, high quality POP display unit to merchandise your products on the retail floor.

Being a successful point of purchase display manufacturer in business for over four decades, we can assure you the best bang for your buck as our team goes the distance to design and manufacture excellence to best showcase your goods out in the competitive marketplace. If you can envision it, chances are we can manipulate the corrugated materials and generate the crisp visual graphics to cost effectively bring your vision to vibrant fruition.

Creating Huge Impact

Are you seeking to create a huge impact that puts your products in the hands of many during the festive season? Then consider the highly talented team at McLeish to facilitate your goal. Our design and production innovation in creating solid, impactful, stand-out POP displays that gets your products moving to the register because they’re showcased in a highly appealing and well-designed manner. On the competitive retail floor your display unit will endeavor to be seen and even interacted with. Bells, whistles and gifts can be integrated for the consumer, sparking brand interaction. Even the restocking of display units in a busy retail environment is taken into design consideration, which garners appreciation from store staff.

Whistles and Bells

Beyond simply displaying your wares for purchase during the holiday season, consider perhaps an additional creative element such as sound, light or digital graphics; some fun bells and whistles which generates excitement around your products. A basic sound card and speaker can be factored into the unit design to offer consumers festive music or brand endorsement/mascot audio recordings. Even an interactive element can be worked in, say for instance if you were selling a variety of seasonal specific CDs and were to offer an audio sampling of each disc at the touch of selected buttons structurally built into the POP display unit. There’s a lot of potential with the advent of small component electronic technology, all of it battery powered of course, so there’s no strings/cords attached to your point of purchase display.

Gift to Take

Maybe you seek to offer consumers the gift of an added value take-away. Examples of such brand related gifts that can be incorporated into seasonal display units are coupon discounts, recipes, DIY project instructions, product usage tips and tricks, and so on. We see the opportunities to maximize the potential of your POP displays are there if you envision it. Even social media elements can be employed and marketing initiatives incorporated into your corrugated merchandising solutions. There is even the powerful potential of extended brand interaction, beyond the point of purchase that may go so far as to have your display on display in social networking platforms. Activities, challenges, contests and promotions could be utilized with contact starting at or including the display unit itself and the products showcased in it. Corrugated retail solutions offer countless possibilities, especially during the busiest consumer spending quarter of the year.

Celebrate the Season with Us

Celebrate and really show off your goods this holiday season with a McLeish designed POP display. Make some noise in the stores and get your products moving in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario. Contact us to share your retail merchandising vision and let us work on a corrugated solution with you to achieve your goals in the marketplace in this last quarter of 2016.