We as modern people love our instant gratification. We want everything given to us quickly. That’s why we borrow loans to buy cars and shell out the extra cash for expedited shipping. If you order something online, chances are you want the package to get to your doorstep within a matter of days.

And, of course, it’s possible with today’s infrastructure. You can thank fast drivers and optimized driving routes. But one aspect of shipping we usually don’t think of is the corrugated box, yet modern-day shipping would be extremely difficult without it. Here are the main reasons we think corrugated boxes will remain a staple tool for the shipping industry for years to come.

Corrugated Boxes Can Be Customized by the Manufacturer

Almost everyone recognizes Amazon’s iconic shipping boxes. Consistent branding has enabled companies like Amazon to stay firmly relevant. There’s an entire field of study in marketing for “mindshare,” or how public perception of a brand affects its sales.

One of the major benefits of customized corrugated boxes is the ability to print your organization’s branding on each unit you ship. Essentially a cheap form of advertising, many companies manage to raise revenues with every sale they make.

Well-Designed Corrugated Boxes Set a Positive First Impression

The shipping box is the first thing a buyer sees when the product arrives. If the design of the packaging is both aesthetically pleasing and professional, expect consumer satisfaction to rise. Custom logos with varied colors, in particular, indicate that the company puts effort into its shipping.

Corrugated Boxes Can Be Size-Adjusted

ECommerce sells anything nowadays. From small staplers to huge air conditioning units, what your customers want can vary greatly in size. So why should your shipping containers be the same size?

Because corrugated boxes can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, companies optimize the volume for each product they sell, saving money by cutting down on cardboard usage and minimizing wasted space on the truck or boat.

Plus, having a perfectly-sized box for the product reduces the need for internal padding like packing peanuts and air cushions, both of which would raise the price of shipping considerably otherwise.

Corrugated Boxes Protect the Merchandise

A new vase arriving in a broken state is certainly frustrating for the consumer. Corrugated boxes, when designed well, can keep products safe despite road bumps and rough handling throughout a long-distance trip. They can also keep moisture out, which is important for certain perishable goods.

In some cases, a company might choose to treat the boxboard with a coating or adhesive to make it fire-resistant or shock-absorbent for special case products.

Corrugated Boxes Are Sustainable

Of course, we can’t forget the environment. Boxboard is paper-based and thus easily recyclable, much more so than plastic or Styrofoam. Boxes can also be folded compactly for ease of disposal or storage.

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  • The invention of corrugated boxes has enabled fast, cheap, and error-free shipping.
  • Corrugated boxes are customizable, sustainable, and protective enough to be sought after by eCommerce companies across the globe.
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