No matter what your industry or business, efficiency is a factor that at the end of the day translates into dollars… either spent or saved. Looking at the big picture you can practically chart out an efficient path to achievement, then it’s a matter of your vendors and suppliers in maintaining that efficiency. You need to align with like mind to ensure cost effectiveness. As with corrugated boxes, for shipping and product packaging, you want to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. At McLeish Corr-A-Box we understand and practice efficiency, in-house and for all our customers.

Product Packaging and Shipping Boxes

It’s hardly rare for customers to come to us with a need to efficiently create both corrugated product packaging and subsequent boxes for shipping. We can design so that there is no wasted space or interior areas that require additional packing materials to be inserted. The structural design team at McLeish is highly skilled and savvy; using the most innovative technology to ensure everything fits like a glove and functions at maximum efficiency.

Shipping Boxes

When shipping boxes are needed by customers, we are able to provide them with any size and style they require. Many have the need for additional graphic design outside our standard corrugated box offerings. A corporate logo, tag line, product image, whatever the imaging required our graphic designers are able to deliver on any desired aesthetics. McLeish Corr-A-Box also leads in industrial innovation for printing on corrugated cardboard and offers a variety of colour finishes and printing options to make your shipping boxes efficiently stand out when they’re on the move and on the shelf.

Product Packaging

Product packaging can easily become a cost issue. It’s all a matter of the product to be packaged and the end user who will handle the packaging. Waste is something that is frowned upon more and more by the consumer. Packaging can even become a frustration that leads one to purchase a competing product. More businesses are choosing corrugated packaging solutions over plastics and wraps, not just for the cost effectiveness and ease of use but also for the recyclability component. Brand reputation benefits from the use of recycled corrugated products according to the current consumer consciousness. It makes good business sense to utilize the benefits of corrugated product packaging.

Sense to Cents

When we work with you to create the best product to house your products, we’re not shy about pointing out areas that you may be able to be more efficient and cost effective. McLeish Corr-A-Box reps and designers will provide their input if they discover an area of savings or concern for our customers. Our customer satisfaction translates into our success, and our long standing clients appreciate having us on their team.

Corrugated Solutions to Success

Our customers span every industry and have come to us with every corrugated cardboard requirement you can imagine. Our experience successfully providing solutions to clients in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario have led us to become more efficient and innovative over the years, and we’re more than pleased to take part in the success of all our customers. Contact us today and tell us what you seek to achieve with your product packaging and what corrugated box needs you have for shipping. McLeish Corr-A-Box delivers excellence in corrugated design and construction. Let us show you what we do best.