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How many times did you catch yourself buying that chocolate bar that you weren’t even considering five minutes ago? Probably, more times than you can count on one hand. But you don’t have to feel guilty about it. If you have a product to advertise, POP displays can be a double-edged sword. Instead of feeling guilty about buying that chocolate bar, you can think about the opportunity that you have right there in front of you.
Point of purchase displays are used to getting the attention of customers generally next to the checkout or decision making areas. This marketing tool is known for being a great way to increase impulse sales, also promoting products, being put side by side with other types of advertising. With different materials, colors and designs, everything counts when it comes to getting the customer’s attention and stand out in a place full of information.

When you think about placing a point of purchase display in a store, you should consider some points:

  • Creativity: Be creative. Every store has restrictions and rules for the POP that change in accordance with the retail store. Those being said, once you have all the parameters which you can work with, explore them fully and creatively.
  • Placement: As they say in the real estate business, it’s all about location. Be visible; be sure that people can see you. Point of purchase sales happen in an impulsive way. Once you can be seen, your product is reachable to the customer and it essentially increases sales.
  • Be unique: fit you POP display to your product. If your product is unique, present them to the customers exactly the same way.

POP displays play an important role in customer buyer behavior. Creating an emotional connection with the customers, you become more appealing and your brand gets noticed. Also, a well designed and well placed POP display enhances the presentation of your top sellers.

McLeish Corr-A-Box is a POP display manufacturer that services Toronto, the GTA and throughout Ontario. We count with a team of experts and resources to provide the best solutions to fit your needs and budget. Our designers are professionally trained and certified to design innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers.