What better way to promote your products than with POP displays? A POP display is prime real estate when it comes to advertising, and a brand can’t ask for more. Having a product with eye level exposure, without one competitor in sight is a treasure. Products encased in a custom made display with its brand logo and colours to entice prospects, is an art form. This old school form of advertising is under-rated in today’s online purchases. In the virtual world all purchases are made at a click of a button from the comfort of your home, using an electronic device. For those of us in the real world of grocery stores, restaurants and anything with a cash register, POP displays are bold, everywhere and here to stay. McLeish Corr-A-Box is a full service packaging and design firm that offers point of purchase displays as well as other types of services for all your business needs in Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA.

Entice Consumers to Choose Your Products with a Custom POP Display in Toronto and the GTA

Our design team of experts is dedicated to customer service and high quality work. We work with our clients for the best possible solution to promote their products. Customization is a process and we believe the initial effort involved in creating the display to match what our client envisions is key to a prosperous relationship. Besides the fact that a display is out of reach from any competitors, it actually helps make the consumer’s decision process easier. Stores have rules on display placement and measurements. At McLeish we are familiar with these rules and will guide you to ensure your POP display adheres to them. This way there will be no limit to the product sales. In addition, for an effective display, it is important to know your audience. Learning about your demographic will help you target their needs. Familiarize yourself to their spending/shopping habits. By trying to be one step ahead, you distinguish your company from your competitors. In a cut throat corporate world, having an edge helps. Having a display that stands out will automatically draw a shopper’s eye to your display filled with products. If the product is competitive, reliable and trustworthy the sale is guaranteed!

We understand the importance of a brand. Our displays are environmentally friendly made from our state of art facility. This is significant because we must make an effort to contribute to the cause. Corrugation solutions are the future; companies need to be a part of making planet earth safe. Paper based recycled packaging is the best sustainable solution to protect, ship and display products. The recycled content is high and once used this type of packaging is completely recyclable. Our goal is to be environmentally aware by being efficient, economical and evolutionary.

  • Ensure our paper supply adheres to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or the Forestry Stewardship Council guidelines.
  • Minimize material used through design and process expertise.
  • Invest in initiatives and equipment to further reduce material content required in our products.
  • Help fund organizations like PPEC that are trying to help make a difference and lobby governments to make the right decisions.

McLeish Corr-A-Box | Experts in Point of Purchase Displays in Toronto and the GTA

Our expert team at McLeish Corr-A-Box has been serving our valued clients in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA for more than forty years. McLeish Corr-A-Box can help you with all of your packaging and design needs, including the point of purchase display, in Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA.