No matter what industry they’re involved in, our customers vary in size. Some who deal in retail to sell their products are small, grassroots businesses offering specialized items to limited markets, and others distribute to big box stores throughout the country. Regardless of the business, we have affordable corrugated boxes to efficiently do the job. And if we don’t have it available in our catalogue, we have the expertise to create the ideal box to successfully satisfy your needs.

We Facilitate All Sizes

Production run sizes and requirements vary as much as our clientele does. Being in business for more than four decades has afforded us the ability to meet and even exceed our customer’s expectations, regardless of their size. Big orders or small, we go the distance when producing corrugated boxes, although it may seem that doing so is a simple endeavor. Sure we’ve perfected our manufacturing practices over the years, and we’ve become quite efficient and innovative in the process. Although we create optimal quality and design in our standard offerings, we shine in delivering on custom orders of varying requirements and sizes.

Good Things Can Grow from Small Boxes

A small business may be concerned about initial costs for all things related to shipping, product packaging and other corrugated solutions, and when shopping for cost effective boxes, McLeish Corr-A-Box is a good call. We provide top quality and design at competitive prices, off the shelf and custom designed orders, we have what it takes to support the growth of small business. In fact, several of our long time customers began with us as small sized businesses which have grown into much larger companies. Their original orders were for our standard corrugated box offerings, and as their revenues increased so did the box order quantities and design complexities. Many of those customers rely on us today for all of their corrugated solutions, from product packaging to merchandising. We have been privileged to have had the opportunity to grow with them and forge strong, mutually successful relationships with all our long standing customers.

Little Run

Are you a small business shopping around for boxes with your logo or brand printed directly onto the box, but are hesitant about committing to a large production run size due to the cost factor? Consider contacting us at McLeish, you may just be surprised at our pricing and order minimums. Our production facilities and methods allow us to accommodate small custom orders as much as manufacturing for large, trailer truck size runs. Our talented graphic design team is able to create cost effective imaging or work with your graphics to produce the look you want. The best start really is to speak with a McLeish rep and convey what your goals are so we can offer you options, on a good-better-best basis, so you can choose based on your resources and goal requirements.

Little Run Big Impact

Maybe you’re a small business backed with some healthy capital to launch a fantastic product that has the potential of rapid brand popularity and revenue development, and you seek to make a big impact. We have successful experience with this as well. We’ve worked with customers that wanted to create a ‘wow’ factor with their product packaging and corrugated boxes for shipping. They approached us with their vision, we enhanced it with our expertise, design and quality to provide optimal solutions that fit their objective. Our customer’s success and satisfaction is truly ours, and regardless of budget we pride ourselves on delivering excellent corrugated products to all our clients in Toronto, the GTA and province wide. To speak with an experienced McLeish rep, contact us today and let’s get started on co-creating success.