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“Corrugated (also called pleated) paper was patented in England in 1856, and used as a liner for tall hats, but corrugated boxboard was not patented and used as a shipping material until December 20, 1871. The patent was issued to Albert Jones of >New York City for single-sided (single-face) corrugated board. Jones used the corrugated board for wrapping bottles and glass lantern chimneys. The first machine for producing large quantities of corrugated board was built in 1874 by G. Smyth, and in the same year Oliver Long improved upon Jones’s design by inventing corrugated board with liner sheets on both sides. This was corrugated cardboard as we know it today.” (Source:

As the above quote indicates corrugated boxes have been around since the middle eighteen hundreds and corrugated board continues to be the most effective material to use for packaging. It is clearly the most used material for packaging in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA.

Corrugated Boxes are Childs Play in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA

Children have been playing with corrugated boxes since they were invented. How many times have we seen children finally getting the toys they’ve been asking for only to receive them, play with them for ten minutes and spend the rest of the day playing with the corrugated boxes they came in?

Moving Corrugated Boxes in Toronto, Ontario and throughout the GTA

With everything to choose from in the world of packaging in the twenty first century, corrugated boxes continue to be the number one choice for packaging in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA. Perhaps the only thing that has changed in this industry is the technology on how corrugated boxes are made. The bottom line is why play with perfection?