McLeish Corr-A-Box is a packaging and design firm that offers a wide array of packaging and design services, including creating and designing sturdy, reliable corrugated boxes for all your shipping needs. Corrugated boxes are used in so many types of packaging today; it’s hard not to see one on a shopping trip. Why are they so popular? Price, reliability and strength. Made strong by layers of cardboard separated by fluting, the corrugated boxes you receive from McLeish Corr-A-Box will not only be well-made but will hold and protect your valuables during the shipping process as well as during short or long-term storage. Our team at McLeish can help you decide on a packaging and shipping solution for your business that will not only meet and exceed your requirements, but it will meet your budgetary needs as well. We can work with any sized company to optimize your shipping and storage plans and to ensure your product arrives safely and in one piece to your valued clients.

Corrugated Boxes are the Best Way to Ship Your Products, Hands Down

Corrugated boxes are advantageous for shipping and storing your products. Use boxes because:
1. They are cost-effective and reliable, which is an unusual combination! Sometimes low cost may imply low reliability – not in the case of corrugated boxes, where the price point is excellent and the durability matches it.
2. They are the epitome of the 3R’s – they are reusable and recyclable. Our team strives to leave a small carbon footprint from the production of our products.
3. They are a great way to market your company, product and brand, via customization on the outside of the box. By placing your logo and company name on the outside of a corrugated box or any type of packaging, you are promoting your brand and product to the world, for the life of the box. Boxes are also customizable in terms of shape – a box can fit any product perfectly and make a unique packaging display that will catch consumer attention.
4. They are easily to assemble, take down and store for future use. Many retailers may require boxes for storage or moving – simply break the boxes down, store and reuse when needed next. They take up very little room and are durable and reliable for many years.

Our Priority is High Level Customer Service and Satisfaction

McLeish Corr-A-Box has been serving our valued customers in Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA and southern Ontario for 40 years and we look to our longevity in the industry as proof positive of our deep commitment to high level customer service, quality and value for your money. Our expert advisors at McLeish Corr-A-Box know the business and will work with you to understand your specific needs. We can create a plan that will work to enhance your packaging and design requirements and make your business stronger in that area. Let our team work with you to devise the right plan for your business and to ensure that a customized, cost-efficient, effective corrugated box works for you and your products.