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To this day corrugated boxes are considered the most practical and best form of packaging for multiple purposes. Whether it’s a product or personal item corrugated boxes continue to be the way to go and people’s first choice when it comes to moving residences or businesses or transporting goods.

The following is a scenario that happens all the time. You just sold your home and you’re over the moon. You got your asking price. There was no bidding war and you just put an offer in at your next home.

Now it’s time to pack. People have busy lives and find there are not enough hours in the day to accommodate a normal schedule let alone set time aside to pack.

The most common way to get the moving process started is to start collecting corrugated boxes and book a mover.

Some people hire professional packers to pack up their home. This is the ideal solution because it saves you time to do other things and there is no personal labour involved. However, hiring professional movers that do the packing for you comes at an expense. Either way, McLeish Corr-A-Box is there to provide you or your moving company the corrugated boxes needed for any size move.

At McLeish Corr-A-Box we offer many different sizes of corrugated boxes for you to choose from. Our corrugated boxes are custom made to any specifications needed.

Some Different Types of Die Cut Corrugated Boxes offered in Toronto and the GTA

  • Ballot Boxes
  • Bin Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Packaging boxes

Corrugated Boxes Can be used for Specialty Packaging

  • Setup Box
  • Wooden Box
  • Software Packaging

McLeish Corr-A-Box is your one stop manufacturer for corrugated boxes. We have been manufacturing, creating and designing corrugated boxes for over 40 years. We take great pride in our reputation for high quality, creative design and outstanding customer service.

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