Here at McLeish Corr-A-Box, we really have a box for everything. Our corrugated boxes are designed and manufactured to cost effectively house, protect and move your contents. Regardless of the industry your business is in, if you have a need to ship products, warehouse goods, transport belongings or store files, we can be of service to you. Our excellence in customer service affords us a popular, reliable reputation in Ontario with a long list of consistent repeat customers. Contact us today with your corrugated needs and allow us the opportunity to show you what we do best.

Sourcing Boxes

Chances are when your business is in need of boxes you will most likely shop around if you haven’t already secured a reliable supplier. Maybe you have the need to source out a new supplier due to costs or delivery issues. Regardless of your requirements, you most certainly want the best overall value and timely delivery. If you are in a situation where you need more than just the plain regular slotted containers, say you require partitions, pads, custom die cuts or printing, you seek a corrugated solutions provider who will effectively guide you to your budgeted goal.

Standard Corrugated Boxes

Our use of high performance, technically superior linerboard allows us the ability to effectively manufacture cost efficient corrugated products. McLeish customers rely on the boxes we design, produce and deliver for their strength and value. If we don’t already have available exactly what you need, our talented design team will assist you with your custom order and create the solution to best fit your requirements. Maybe we do have the boxes you need in stock, but you would like to make a minor adjustment like adding a print element or inserting a modification such as a pad or partition. Using the most economical materials and innovative structural and graphic design, our experienced team can easily assist you with all your packaging needs.

Printing Elements

There are several printing methods available for corrugated boxes. The basics, such as flexo line, allows for low cost, one to three colour basic line art and text printing on the surface of a box for company or package content info. More complex printing methods, such as litho laminate, provides a sharp, clean professional look comparable to high end packaging. With litho laminate, the printed surface is actually a part of the packaging material in manufacturing. The outcome is high end crisp graphics and superior print resolution. Based on your vision, there’s a suitable printing method to satisfy your working budget and desired end result. At McLeish Corr-A-Box our design team excels in bringing your vision to fruition.

Partitions Pads and Custom Die Cuts

Contents depending, additional corrugated components may be required, such as pads or partitions that allow for secure housing and transportation of goods. Our structural design team is adept at constructing exactly what is needed down to the specifics which can eliminate the need of any additional packing materials to be inserted; As with the option of custom die cuts which are essentially corrugated boxes that are designed and developed to exact specifications making them perfect for unique products with special packaging requirements, like gift boxes, or for items like cosmetics, tools or toys.

Expert Corrugated Solutions Provider

You may ask what makes McLeish an expert corrugated solutions provider, and the answer is quite simply found in a number… 40. As in four decades of design and manufacturing experience under our belt to draw from. We have been successfully providing exceptional quality corrugated solutions, from packaging and design to retail merchandising, to a steadily growing customer base that continues to this day in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario. We’ve grown to become an innovation leader in our industry, and our success is derived directly from our customers’ satisfaction of goal achievement.