In life, opportunities are constantly in abundance, all you have to do is see them to act upon the potential of them. Sometimes an opportunity can be right in front of our face and we’re completely blind to it. Take for instance basic, plain corrugated boxes. Doesn’t seem like much, though the potential can actually have a positive impact for your business.

At McLeish Corr-A-Box, our 40 plus years of experience allows us to clearly see opportunities for our customers. In the marketing and branding potential of turning corrugated boxes into moonlighting advertisements to promote products and generate awareness as they travel across the map.

The Potential of a Plain Box

The contents of an ordinary box is most likely something very beneficial to the recipient. It may have traveled a far distance to land at its destination. Along the way it was probably handled by many hands and seen by several eyes. If it’s just a simple, standard, plain box, then those hands and eyeballs certainly didn’t give the box a second thought. Now if it was adorned with your company logo, or any branding at all for that matter, that corrugated box is now working double time as part of your advertising efforts out there in the world.

Corrugated Boxes Shape Shift into Mobile Billboards

Boxes have the ability to shape shift into little mobile billboards. The opportunity is such that wherever your boxes go, your name is right there. Branding at it’s most basic. Every business has letterhead and business cards, so it only seems natural to extend that marketing element onto the boxes that deliver your products to your customers. And you don’t have to break the bank to do it!

Our experienced creative design team can assist you in customizing your boxes to generate awareness as your products travel all the way to their end users. As packaging designers and manufacturers of corrugated boxes, McLeish Corr-A-Box offers businesses affordable personalization, exceptional graphic design and advertising impact potential beyond just a well constructed box.

Your Imagination Is Our Limit

The cost effective marketing opportunity of customizing your corrugated boxes can be as simple as your visible logo or you can choose to go all the way to the wow factor and let your imagination be the limit when it comes to designing and printing. If you wish to make some noise out there in the world, we can facilitate your vision.

Maybe you want to generate some brand excitement, launch a new product or celebrate a milestone of successful years in business. Those elements can be creatively translated into effective graphics of high quality printing, turning your corrugated boxes into a statement, getting your message out there for all to see. Contact us today with your vision and goals. Our design teams are excited to co-create some solid impact with you.

From Basic to Custom, We’re All Over It

McLeish Corr-A-Box offers a plethora of standard, plain corrugated boxes of all sizes, yet it truly is the custom orders that we specialize in most. We have the manufacturing ability to run custom orders of various quantities while still providing best value to our customers. This allows you the flexibility of smaller lot sizes without having to fret about getting stuck with a volume of boxes containing outdated graphics or irrelevant messages.

Our long standing customers appreciate our insight and innovation when it comes to maximizing the potential of corrugated products. We enjoy a solid reputation in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Ontario for consistent customer satisfaction. We’re proud of the products we produce and look forward to working with you.