Shipping and storage of products is important business, especially in today’s market, where products are routinely shipped to customers via online ordering.  Don’t make the mistake of using a shipping container that will not protect your product.  There is nothing worse than one of your valued customers opening their shipment to find it damaged or not in perfect condition.  Many companies rely on the strength and durability of corrugated boxes for all their shipping and storage needs.  The corrugated box is reliable, inexpensive and recyclable, three things that are important to many companies today.  At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we take pride in offering a full range of corrugated boxes to protect your products during the shipping process.  Whether you are shipping across the city or across the globe, it is good business sense to ensure your product arrives intact.

Corrugated boxes are made of layers of cardboard with fluting in between, which gives them their notorious strength.  These multi-functional boxes can double as storage containers, and can be used as moving boxes as well as many other uses.  By using durable corrugated boxes to ship your products to your customers, you are ensuring the safe arrival of your product, as well as respecting your customers’ choice in choosing your company.

Another great feature of corrugated boxes is the ability to customize.  Adding your company logo, company name or other wording is not only cost-efficient, but will advertise your products, brand and company for the life of the box.  Both reusable and recyclable, our boxes meet the high environmental standards of our clients, who value our planet and the environment.  Not to mention the logo and company name will live on in perpetuity for the life of the box, continuing to advertise your products once the box is passed on to the next person.

At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we are proud to offer customization of corrugated boxes for your products not only in logos and company name, but also in size and shape.  No matter what shape your product, we can create a box that will hold it to your specifications.  Our design team knows the industry well and knows not only what looks good, but what catches a customer’s eye!  Rely on us for advice and knowledge about customization of corrugated boxes.

Our team at McLeish Corr-A-Box has been serving our valued clients in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario for over 40 years.   Contact us for a consultation on shipping and storage solutions for your company.