Boxes are an important part of most businesses.  From shipping and storage to advertising, a box is a great way to not only protect your product, but to advertise it.  At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we specialize in the creation and design of corrugated boxes to assist your business with shipping and storage needs.  We also offer customization services that will serve to promote your brand, products and company for the life of the box.  McLeish Corr-A-Box is a packaging and design firm that specializes in all types of packaging, including corrugated boxes, to help you ship and store your products safely and reliably.

Corrugated boxes are advantageous for a few reasons.  They are cost-effective, yet reliable.  Sturdy, strong corrugated boxes are made of layers of cardboard separated by fluting which adds strength.  They are perfect for shipping or storing any sized or shaped product.  At McLeish Corr-A-Box, our team of design experts will work with you to come up with an effective shipping and storage solution that will promote your business.  It is good business to ensure that your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition, and with corrugated boxes, your products are safe!

Corrugated boxes are also great for customizing.  Our team can help customize your boxes with any shape, size or design you require to fit your product.  Adding a colour logo or wording will promote your product for the life of the box, which is a great way to advertise without overspending your budget.  McLeish Corr-A-Box enjoys a great relationship with all our valued clients, and our many repeat customers who rely on us for all their shipping and storage needs can vouch for our good name.

Storing products also requires suitable boxes, and corrugated boxes are definitely up to the task.  Stackable, easy to build or fold and lightweight, these boxes are perfect for storing your products for the long or short term.  Let our team at McLeish Corr-A-Box help manage your shipping and storage needs.  Enjoy the peace of mind a corrugated box offers, knowing your product will arrive at your customer’s door intact.  McLeish Corr-A-Box has been serving our valued clients in Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA for over 40 years.  Our longevity is our guarantee of quality, service and value.