Consumer preferences have changed greatly in recent years. Companies are changing not only what products they’re selling but also how those products are being transported. An underlying trend in recent shipping technology is the simple cardboard box.

Global investment in cardboard shipping containers is expected to grow at a steady rate from 2015 to 2022 according to a Grand View Research study with the rise of eCommerce and online sales being the driving force. Indeed, corrugated boxboard containers are expected to dominate future shipping for many years.

But what other trends can we expect alongside boxboard for the shipping industry?

In the Past

The eCommerce craze has been a relatively new phenomenon. Years before online one-click ordering and fast shipping were common; most transactions were done in physical stores. Plastic shopping bags, shrink wrap, and containers were used extensively. They were cheap and durable but not environmentally friendly, and regulation regarding shipping was light at the time.

A Trend towards Sustainability

As consumers became increasingly aware of environmental changes, governments across the world began pushing for the reduced usage of plastic bags, and companies soon found other ways to ship goods.

Cardboard proved to be the perfect alternative. Boxes were relatively cheap, could have company branding printed on it, and were durable enough for most products. Other advancements like paper-based water bottles are currently in the works as well.


Sustainability isn’t the only new trend. As businesses become more efficient at getting their products out there, some consumers are becoming uncomfortable with the sheer number of advertisements they see every day.

That prompted what some market researchers call the “Clean Label” movement, a new philosophy amongst advertisers that less sometimes works better. Some brands choose to have intentionally simplistic designs on their packaging. Soylent, a brand of meal replacement beverages, has prided itself on the simplicity of its bottles and shipping boxes consisting of only a couple colors and minimal text.

The Rise of Corrugated Boxes

Unlike thin paperboard, corrugated boxes have ridges within the boxboard that traps air inside, serving as extra protection against pressure and providing insulation to the products inside.

These improvements significantly increase strength and reduce weight, saving the company on shipping costs, replacements, and repairs. Plus, consumer satisfaction improves when a company’s products can arrive consistently without damage.

McLeish Corr-A-Box – Toronto, GTA, and Ontario

Bottom line: all eCommerce companies need to consider their shipping options. Robust corrugated boxes are economical yet effective at reducing shipping costs and raising consumer satisfaction.

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  • Even with massive changes in the market with eCommerce on the rise and sustainability becoming ever more important, the humble cardboard box has remained a staple of modern shipping for many years. Its lightweight construction, relative durability, and environmental sustainability have made it a popular choice for eCommerce companies across the world.
  • Trends toward minimalist design on shipping containers are becoming more prevalent as well. Simple designs can be a breath of fresh air to consumers overloaded with advertisements daily.
  • If you own an eCommerce business, shipping should be a priority for you. McLeish Corr-A-Box produces high-quality corrugated shipping boxes for any product – fragile or durable, big or small – you might want to ship.