POP Displays Work in Retail Stores as a Silent Salesperson

Salespeople are not generally silent, unless they are a point of purchase (POP) display.  By employing a POP display into a retail environment, you guarantee your product will move from the display onto the checkout counter.  POP displays have been studied and are a proven way to persuade consumers to pick up your product over the competitors.  Why choose a product located in a POP display?  There are several reasons including neatness and organization.  Consumers are drawn to displays that are laid out neatly and easy to choose from.  Also the type of products displayed in a POP display intrigues consumers – they are often sales or new products that pique the consumer’s interest and persuade them to make a purchase.  Lastly, the colour, logos and professional look of a POP display gives credence to your product.  Consumers are smart and they know a good product when they see one!  All of these reasons make a POP display designed by McLeish Corr-A-Box a great idea for your products!  McLeish Corr-A-Box produces quality, colourful, economical POP displays to house your products.  We have been in the packaging and design business for over 4 decades and know how to promote products, brands and companies with a POP display!  Our team will work with you to help organize a POP display that will meet all your retail needs.

Create and Customize Your POP Display to Match Your Needs and Move Your Products

It’s often a good idea to try something new.  Never tried a POP display?  Not to worry – our team is expert when it comes to these amazingly effective display cases and we can help guide you through the process of fabricating and designing one.  You can [...]

Point of Purchase (POP) Displays Move Products

Point of Purchase (POP) displays move products.  They are designed to be a sales person at the checkout counter, persuading customers to check out the products in the display.  This is a proven fact – POP displays are a great way to promote and move products.  Competitor’s products are often overlooked for items neatly organized and displayed in a POP display.  Make the customer take notice of your product with a nicely designed, well-placed display.  We are an experienced, expert packaging and design company that helps promote your brand, products and company with simplistic yet effective point of purchase displays.  Our team offers full consultations for all your packaging and design needs.

POP Displays Create a Buzz Around Your Product

We have all been in a retail environment and noticed a small crowd gathering around a display case.  They make the consumers final purchasing decisions easy – they will take an item from a POP display much more frequently than even the same product off the shelf.  Why are they so effective?  They are professionally designed, with custom lettering, logos and colour on the display, drawing the consumer’s eye to the display.  They are strategically placed at or near the checkout counter, where lots of final decisions are being made. Also, they are designed so products are neatly arranged and easy to see and grab!  No matter which way you look at it, a POP display is one of the best ways to move products.  Suggestion selling is often done by live associates, but in this case, no words are necessary.  Let our team help you create the display that will house your product perfectly!

Design Your POP Display to Suit Your Taste and Sell Your Products

Our [...]

High Quality Boxes within Your Budget

Budgeting for shipping or moving can be challenging.  Companies that rely on shipping products to their customers have to be sure that the shipping material is within their budget and that the packaging used will be reliable enough to have the product arrive in perfect condition.  Damaged product makes for bad business, and at McLeish Corr-A-Box, we want to guarantee the safe arrival of your product in our safe and sturdy cardboard boxes.  We don’t want your valued customers to think twice about using your products, even if they have to be shipped a long way.  By providing quality boxes within your budget to ship and store your products, McLeish Corr-A-Box is ensuring your customer’s satisfaction.  McLeish Corr-A-Box is a packaging and design company serving our clients in Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA.  Our team can help you with a boxing strategy that is right for your shipping patterns and needs, and ensure your products arrive at their destination safely and within your budget.

Top Notch Packaging for Your Boxes

At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we don’t stop until things are perfect.  We offer only top-notch products and services for your business to ensure things run smoothly for you.  Your customers will be pleasantly surprised when your products not only arrive in professionally designed packaging boxes, but are also in perfect condition.   Don’t let your clients down – choose the design experts at McLeish to provide you with quality boxes to house your products.  At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we work to very high standards, and treat our customers with these same high standards.  No job is too small or large for us, as we have the longevity and experience to show that our team can handle the job.  [...]

Our Corrugated Boxes Transport Products Safely

Boxes have been proven to be the best way to ship and store your products safely, hands down.  There is no better material that can be easily shipped across the city or across the world, successfully keeping your product safe.   Made of durable, strong and affordable cardboard, boxes will protect your product during shipping and storage and ensure the safe arrival at its destination.  There is no better way to ensure high quality customer service than to produce, package and deliver a product on time and on budget.  Your customer will thank you when they receive their order in perfect condition.  With our amazing cardboard boxes, McLeish Corr-A-Box does this simply and professionally every time we work together, all for an affordable price.  McLeish Corr-A-Box is a packaging and design firm serving our valued customers in Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA.  Let us help you ensure your products are boxed for safety and secure arrival at their destination.  We have a team of professionals who are on hand to answer all your questions and who are willing to work hard to meet your requirements.

House Your Products in Stylish Boxes

The term stylish boxes seems to be an oxymoron, but in fact, it’s possible with McLeish Corr-A-Box, to make a beautifully designed box to house your product for best results in terms of promotion.  Advertising costs can be very high and with our simply-designed boxes with your company logo, your company name and other wording, you can avoid these high costs and still get the benefit of promoting your products.  Our team of experts at McLeish Corr-A-Box will work with you to create the perfect box for your product and help promote your brand and [...]

POP Displays are the Best Way to Promote Products at the Checkout

Point of purchase (POP) displays work as a silent salesperson at the checkout, promoting your products and willing customers to make that last minute purchase.  At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we are experts in packaging and design products, including POP displays that can help promote your brand, products and company in an effective, economical way.  Consumers are always looking for items at the checkout counter, and when yours in neatly arranged in a POP display, it makes turning down the product very difficult.  Whether it is a sales, seasonal or new product, your product will outshine the competitor’s by presentation alone. Of course, your product is an excellent one, but every product needs marketing and advertising, and there is no more economical or efficient way to advertise that through a well-placed POP display at the checkout counter.  We can work with your team to decide what’s best for your products and how to best display them.  Let our experts promote your products and increase your bottom line.

Move Your Products and Promote Your Brand with a Customized POP Display

Customize, customize, customize!  That is the mantra for marketing today and many people are doing it.  From logos, wording and other colourful items displayed on packaging, customization is a great way to promote a product in a cost-efficient way.  With advertising prices so high, many small and medium sized companies must turn to other marketing ideas, and a POP display is one that will work for you.  By placing your products in a POP display, you are showing consumers your products are worthy of a professional, neat and organized display case.  Professionalism goes a long way when it comes to product promotion and neatness is something consumers crave.  Consumers [...]

Installing a Point of Purchase (POP) Display Promotes and Sells Your Products

Promoting and selling your products has never been easier than with a point of purchase (POP) display.  These amazing promotional tools are set up typically at the checkout counter where many consumers are making their final purchasing decisions.  A well-designed, well-placed POP display can persuade a customer to choose your product over a competitor’s with ease.     McLeish Corr-A-Box is a leading packaging and design company that fabricates and designs effective, cost-efficient point of purchase (POP) display that can help your products fly off the shelves!

POP Displays are Miniature, Movable Display Cases that Increase Your Bottom Line

Miniature, movable display cases are the best way to describe a point of purchase display.  We all, as consumers, have seen them and purchased items that are displayed in them.  They attract our attention immediately with their neat, professional look and often customized exteriors.  It is proven that customers prefer organized, easy to see merchandise and are far more likely to choose products displayed in this manner over those in shelving or other types of displays.  The size and light-weight nature of these displays are a feature that is greatly appreciated by clients – they are easily moved to other areas of the store when needed, and are simple to take down and store for the next time they are required.  POP displays are perfect for housing specialty items including sales and seasonal items as well as new products.  Catching the consumer’s eye is the main focus of a POP display and when designed and placed correctly, the POP display not only catches the eye of the consumer, but acts as a silent salesperson, persuading the consumer to make a purchase!

Personalize Your POP Display to Create a Low Budget [...]

Boxes for Moving, Storage and Shipping

When you are planning an office move or require boxes for storage, look no further than McLeish Corr-A-Box.  We offer an amazing selection of boxes for all your shipping and storage needs.  Moving has never been easier with our reliable, sturdy and easily labelled boxes that will move your articles and products intact from one location to another.  Speaking of intact, if you require boxes for shipping, whether it’s across the city or across the world, take a look at McLeish.  Our boxes will ensure your product arrives at its destination in perfect condition and as a result, you will have a very happy customer.  Of course, happy customers are good for business and spread the word about the reliability of your shipping and the quality of your products.  We can help with your shipping needs while you take care of the quality of your products – either way, by teaming up with us, you have an opportunity to grow your business through a reliable, trustworthy shipping source that is increasingly important due to the high volume of online shopping that takes place today. We are happy to consult for an estimate or help you determine your needs in terms of shipping, storage and even customization of boxes to promote your products and services.

Our Boxes are Reliable, Sturdy and Environmentally Friendly

Reliable.  Sturdy.  Environmentally Friendly.  These three terms have one thing in common – all of our customers demand them.   We meet these demands because we believe in them.  Reliability is one of the most important qualities you can request from a business service partner.  We know that your clients are relying on you and you are relying on us.  We will not disappoint with [...]

Move and Store Your Products with Reliable Boxes

In today’s competitive market, you cannot underestimate the importance of reliability when it comes to boxes.  From protecting your products during the shipping process, to storing your products safely and ensuring they are housed in an attractive package are all things to consider when you decide which box is best for your business.  Reliability makes good business sense for many reasons.  When your customers order your products, they expect them to be delivered in perfect condition.  By employing our powerful, sturdy boxes, this expectation can be met and exceeded 100% of the time.  One of our specialties is the fabrication of boxes in our state of the art factory that will ensure all your shipping and storage needs are met and that your customers are fully satisfied with the products they receive.

Box Your Products and Advertise them Simultaneously

Boxing products is important, but so is advertising.  To do these two important things simultaneously and affordably seems too good to be true.  Our team of experts can help create packaging, including boxes, that advertise your brand, products and company to your current and potential clients.  Advertising costs are sky high these days, but simple wording, logos and other designs on a customized packaging box will work wonders in spreading the word about your company.  The bonus is that the advertising works for the life of the box!  Adding designs to the outside of your boxes is something our creative team excels at – we can work with you to help you not only box your products, but sell them!

Boxes’ Evolution to Superior Shipping Vessels

Boxes have been around for so many years and have been reliable shipping crates for all sorts of products.  The great thing about [...]

A Point of Purchase (POP) Display Houses All Types of Products

Whether you are looking to display seasonal products during any holiday season, sales products or even new product launches, a point of purchase display from McLeish Corr-A-Box will meet all your needs.  We are an industry leading packaging and design company offering a full range of display solutions for your business.  Our team of experts can work with you to decide which products will work best displayed in this way – and also where to set up the display and how to customize it.  There are many things to think about when deciding to use a POP display, and at McLeish Corr-A-Box, our knowledgeable team has been advising our valued customers for over four decades.  We can make your products stand out and become irresistible to consumers, with a simple display case that can be customized to fit your environment.

POP Displays are Paramount to Low Cost Advertising

Advertising prices are very high in today’s competitive market.  Why pay for high-priced advertising that may or may not be effective, when you can customize a POP display in a retail store and allow it to promote your brand and products. Placed alongside competitor products, our displays will always win the battle of which one to choose.  Our displays are professionally fabricated in a state of the art facility that takes into account cost, environmental friendliness and most of all, quality!  In fact, our displays are paramount to low cost advertising.  We take pride in the simplicity yet effectiveness of these professionally designed display cases, and look forward to providing them to our clients to improve sales of seasonal products, sale merchandise and even new product launches.

Lock Down Sales with POP Displays

There is no better way to ensure [...]

Store Your Stuff with Sturdy Corrugated Boxes

If you are planning a move, need to store files or have another reason to store most types of material in corrugated boxes, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Corrugated boxes have the advantage of being foldable so you can store the boxes themselves until you need them!  Once set up, they can hold a great deal of weight due to the strength and durability provided by the layers of cardboard separated by additional cardboard fluting.  The boxes are easy to move; given many of the smaller boxes have handle openings on the side.  They will protect your products in storage for long periods when stored in a clean, dry environment.  You can easily label your boxes with labels or even in writing directly on the box.  There are so many advantages to storing in corrugated boxes over any other material, including low cost, durability of the boxes, compact nature of the boxes and eco-friendly nature including recycling and reusing the boxes when done with them.  At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we take pride in all aspects of our reliable corrugated boxes, including the ability to store your products or files safely and securely and with ease.  McLeish Corr-A-Box is an industry leading packaging and design specialist that can help your team find the right fit for your products in terms of storage, shipping and customization.

Ship Your Stuff with Sturdy Corrugated Boxes

If you thought storage was a perk of the amazing corrugated box, the shipping advantage is even more impressive!  Shipping your products in a sturdy, reliable corrugated box is nearly a full guarantee of your product arriving at its destination completely intact. These boxes are extremely strong and resistant to any sort of damage [...]