How to Reduce Boxes and Packaging Waste in Your Business

In case you hadn’t noticed, packaging waste has become one of the most significant environmental issues of our time. This is at least partially down to the throwaway culture in which we live, while the sustained use of non-recyclable materials has created a problem that is now evident across the globe.

Fortunately, businesses are taking proactive steps to tackle this issue, as they look to reduce the packaging and waste within their ventures and change existing customer behaviours. The gradual withdrawal of the plastic carrier bag represents a key battle in this ongoing war, but it in truth it’s only a small part of a much larger and more comprehensive process.

In the post below, we’ll discuss the challenge facing businesses and the key steps that they can take to reduce the amount of packaging used throughout their venture.
1. Investing in the use of Recyclable Materials
In order to truly get to the heart of a problem, you’ll need to consider it in simplistic terms.

In the case of packaging, this means focusing on the materials that you use to ship individual packages and products. The challenge here is ensuring that you identify sustainable and recyclable materials that do not compromise on your ability to package and ship products securely.

So, while this would rule out single-use cardboard boxes, there are a number of efficient and cost-effective alternatives for you to consider. Take corrugated cardboard containers for example, which are among the cheapest cartons on the market and constructed using almost entirely recyclable and reusable materials.

Not only can these containers enable you to save money and reduce your firms’ carbon footprint, but they are also capable to safeguarding your products from breakage, fire and water damage.

Most importantly, [...]

The Top Benefits of Using Corrugated Boxes in Your Business

There’s no doubt that we’ve seen a rise in the prevalence of corporate social responsibility in recent times. This has been largely inspired by a change in consumer behaviour, with around 35% of global customers willing to spend more on green and sustainable products.

This is reflected by the nature of modern packaging, with items such as corrugated boxes offering an effective solution that is made up primarily of recycled materials.

There are other benefits of using cardboard boxes, however, and here a few that can really support the growth of your business.
1. Corrugated Boxes Protect your Products
When shipping your products, it’s crucial that are kept safe during long-distance transportation and various handling procedures. So, aside from ensuring that your products are insured while in transit, you’ll also need to invest in effective packaging.

This is where corrugated boxes come into play, as they provide a secure and sturdy environment for your products. Corrugated cardboard is also available in various sizes and levels of thickness, so packaging can be adapted to suit different types of product.

Corrugated cardboard can also keep moisture away from the goods contained inside, which is particularly important for food items or products that need to be shipped overseas.
2. Corrugated Boxes are Cost-effective
With the recent Business Confidence Survey revealing some key concerns among companies in Ontario, it stands to reason that entrepreneurs would strive to prioritise cost-effectiveness in the current climate.

The question is how do you achieve this?

Reducing non-strategic costs such as packaging is actually an excellent way to create a more cost-effective business, particularly if you want to spend less without compromising on the quality of your product or service.

Interestingly, corrugated boxes are some of the least expensive cartons [...]

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    4 Reasons Why You Need to Call a Point of Purchase Manufacturer NOW!

4 Reasons Why You Need to Call a Point of Purchase Manufacturer NOW!

Do you want to increase your sales? The answer to this question should be a resounding yes. Rather than looking online, scouring social media statistics and excel sheets, you should be locating a local point of purchase manufacturer to help you create some POP displays for your business.
A Point of Purchase Manufacturer? That Seems Outdated.
Even though POP advertising is considered a traditional method, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective. In fact, the sheer number of POP displays in most major stores should serve as validation that this traditional method of advertising is still a great option to create brand awareness and engagement.
You are doing your business a series disservice if you pass on an older method of advertising simply because it predates the digital era.
1. Buyers Are Deep in Their Buyer’s Journey
Online advertisements help you reach your target audience, but one of the challenges digital marketers face is trying to target people who are ready to buy at that given moment.
POP advertising doesn’t suffer from this. Instead, you are placing products in the eyes of buyers that are deep in the buyer’s journey. If someone travels to a grocery store, they are more than likely there to buy something. Even if people are following strict grocery lists, a well-placed POP display can appeal to a buyer’s emotions and turn into a sale.
The trick is taking advantage of impulse buying. You have to show why your product is valuable and why they should add it to their cart.
2. Samples Help Build Product Credibility
Most shoppers are skeptical of trying new products. After all, why would they want to risk their money buying something that is unproven [...]

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    5 Popular Point of Purchase Displays That Will Boost Your Sales

5 Popular Point of Purchase Displays That Will Boost Your Sales

The goal of any business that sells products is to sell products. This much seems obvious, but with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on which ones to use for your business.
One proven method that is often overlooked in our increasingly digital landscape is traditional point of purchase displays. These displays are still an effective way to advertise your products in a location where your customers are ready to buy. In this article, we will explore 5 popular POP displays and briefly discuss how to put them to use to advertise your products.
1. Counter POP Displays
Counter displays are extremely popular, cost effective, and a great way to advertise your products. If you’ve ever entered a gas station, you’ve seen one of these displays. They usually house smaller products, like chocolate bars, energy supplements, and any product that you can hold in the palm of your hand.
The reason why this type of product is effective has to do with where they are located. Typically, you will find counter point of purchase displays at the cash register. Customers who are lining up to pay will often grab these value added items and add them to their purchase. Not only does this mean additional sales for you, but it also helps to build your brand as customers will subconsciously remember your branding and products.
2. Floor POP Displays
Floor displays are another efficient way to market your products because they can be placed almost anywhere in a store. These displays are usually decked out with graphics, your company logo, branding, social media accounts, and product information that is designed to help you sell more.
Because floor displays are larger, [...]

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    4 Ways You Can Turn Your Corrugated Boxes into Brand Building Tools

4 Ways You Can Turn Your Corrugated Boxes into Brand Building Tools

The goal of any business is to make more money than you spend. There are many ways you can increase revenues, but one area that many product-based companies forget about is the branding power that their corrugated boxes provide.
This idea may seem odd at first, but every corrugated box that you ship out has the potential to help you develop and build your brand.
1. Easy: Custom Corrugated Boxes
This is the simplest answer. No matter what products you are shipping, you should always use custom boxes to ship them. You want your products to be seen through every step of the shipping process. This is a form of free advertising and it can help you build brand awareness.
Think about it like this…
People often see your box in transit, at the post office, sitting on your doorstep, or it may even be seen after it has arrived through the recycling process, as storage, or for many other reasons. You want this free advertising to be effective and nothing captures someone’s attention like a custom box. Need proof, look no further than the classic Amazon A-Z logo. That is branding in action.
2. Packing Peanuts
For more environmentally-conscious companies, biodegradable packing peanuts provide you with a rare opportunity to show your customers that you care about the environment. While not every one of your customers will care about the environment, those that do, tend to REALLY care about it. Show them you care about their business by making a small, environmentally-friendly change in the way you pack and ship your products.
If you can manage to make your more vocal customers happy, there is a good chance they will recommend your products, [...]

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    5 Steps to Help You Master Packing Your Boxes for the Shipping Process

5 Steps to Help You Master Packing Your Boxes for the Shipping Process

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a damaged shipment. Damaged products will almost always lead to returns, damaging your profit margins in the process.
In this article, we are going to talk about the shipping process and how you can master packing your boxes in order to reduce damage returns, and anything else that takes place when you hand your product over to your shipping company.
1. Understand Your Products
If you want to be able to better ship your products, you need to understand what you are shipping and what flaws your products have.
Here’s a quick example.
Maybe your products have a specific weak point. When packing this product into your boxes, make sure that weak point is protected. Most shipping companies aren’t trying to break your products, but the fact of the matter is that the shipping process is unpredictable and sometimes boxes are moved around roughly.
Know your products and understand how they need to be shipped in order to arrive in the hands of your customers without any damage. DVDs are best shipped in thin padded envelopes, a pair of shoes will likely need edge protectors for the box, but not much else, and glassware will need to be secured very well in order to stop it from bouncing around and breaking.
2. Choose the Right Boxes for the Job
Some companies simplify the shipping process and assume that any box will do. The majority of shipping mishaps happen because a company chooses the wrong box for the job. There are many boxes available and each type is better suited to specific products or a certain type of shipping.
This is what we recommend.
Your products need to [...]

Create a POP Display that Grabs Consumer Attention

All POP displays grab our attention. Who could miss a large corrugated box with amazing products inside of it? This is due to the colours, placement and size. This is why choosing POP displays has its advantages. We take them for granted because they are a part of our purchasing culture. This form of advertising has many strategic components. Our society has come to rely on them for convenience. There is something very orderly about them. The displays are simple, to the point and helpful for the last minute purchases at the cash register. People pick up a pack of gum or candy all the time due to their convenient location at the cash – why not place other products there for consumer perusal and possible purchase? It is well known that many purchasing decisions are made at the end of a shopping trip, perhaps when customers are standing in line. With a point of purchase display, you capitalize on this fact.
McLeish Corr-A-Box is a full-service packaging and design company that offers a wide variety of shipping, storage and display solutions, including point of purchase displays.
POP Displays Work Overtime for Your Brand, Company and Products
There are times when one brand will have a few POP displays throughout a store acting almost as subliminal messaging. Each time a consumer passes a display the subconscious brain is acknowledging the display, and each time an additional display is passed, the image is amplified in their minds. If a customer is interested in the product perhaps it will be selected for purchase. McLeish Corr-A-Box can make a POP display that works hard to sell your products – here’s how it works:

Sales and Seasonal Products – [...]

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    Create New Opportunities to Promote Your Products with a POP Display

Create New Opportunities to Promote Your Products with a POP Display

What better way to promote your products than with POP displays? A POP display is prime real estate when it comes to advertising, and a brand can’t ask for more. Having a product with eye level exposure, without one competitor in sight is a treasure. Products encased in a custom made display with its brand logo and colours to entice prospects, is an art form. This old school form of advertising is under-rated in today’s online purchases. In the virtual world all purchases are made at a click of a button from the comfort of your home, using an electronic device. For those of us in the real world of grocery stores, restaurants and anything with a cash register, POP displays are bold, everywhere and here to stay. McLeish Corr-A-Box is a full service packaging and design firm that offers point of purchase displays as well as other types of services for all your business needs in Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA.
Entice Consumers to Choose Your Products with a Custom POP Display in Toronto and the GTA
Our design team of experts is dedicated to customer service and high quality work. We work with our clients for the best possible solution to promote their products. Customization is a process and we believe the initial effort involved in creating the display to match what our client envisions is key to a prosperous relationship. Besides the fact that a display is out of reach from any competitors, it actually helps make the consumer’s decision process easier. Stores have rules on display placement and measurements. At McLeish we are familiar with these rules and will guide you to ensure your POP display adheres to them. [...]

Ship Safely with Corrugated Boxes and Save Money Too!

Shipping corrugated boxes has never been easier than it is today. Priority, same day or overnight distribution of your products are efficient and sent in a timely manner. With the advancement of technology our society has the capabilities to track large shipments via satellite. There are many more shipping alternatives that are more costly. At McLeish Corr-A-Box, we don’t want you to pay more for something than necessary. Corrugated material is inexpensive compared to the alternatives as well as environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly is the way to go. There should be sacrifices made for quality or eco-friendliness for our valued clients. McLeish Corr-A-Box is a packaging and design firm that specializes in providing quality, durable corrugated boxes for your company’s shipping and storage needs in Toronto and across the GTA.
Advertise Your Products Using Customized Corrugated Boxes
Customizing boxes is our speciality. We have been excelling at servicing our clients for over 40 years. When we started McLeish the creative process was very different than it is today. We have kept our reputation on track and our loyal customers satisfied, because we take our customer relations seriously. There was a time when companies didn’t think much of advertising on their boxes. They felt it was unnecessary and originally this was a foreign concept that many didn’t embrace. Our clients didn’t realize the impact customization on boxes would have. Once we convinced our clients of the potential missed opportunity of brand awareness and inexpensive product promotion, there was no stopping this economical form of marketing. Now the vast majority of our clients see the value in customization of boxes in different shapes, sizes and designs. Promoting your product has never been easier than it is now, [...]

Stake Your Reputation on a Durable, Reliable Corrugated Box

At the end of the day the most valuable asset a company has is their reputation. Are they reliable? Will the product get to its destination in one piece? A company can offer a good price but if the product is damaged, it makes for bad business. It is very important that our corrugated boxes are made of top quality materials to ensure durability during the shipping process. We provide timely delivery and cost effective corrugated products using high performance technically superior linerboard. The reliable supply of raw materials ensures that we meet our customers’ needs in today’s competitive marketplace. McLeish Corr-A-Box is a full-service packaging and design company that provides sturdy, durable corrugated boxes for all your shipping and storage needs. We have been serving our valued customers for over 40 years, and look forward to many more years of high quality service and value.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Else are Boxes Good For?
We care about the environment and know that our clients rely on us to ensure sustainability and follow the 3 R’s. Other great uses for boxes once they have served their purpose for your needs are:

Storage – why pay for fancy containers when boxes are easily accessible and stackable in an efficient and orderly manner. We offer many sizes and shapes to choose from.
Kids love boxes – Toys are great, but the long-standing joke is that kids like the box as much as the toy! Boxes add adventure and a sense of fun! Most of us fondly remember playing with boxes as children.
Packing for future moves – boxes are easy to take apart and store. Once they are folded they can be placed in a small space [...]