Many business owners believe that they can simply stock their shelves with products and that those products will be sold without any sort of advertising and marketing. After all, a customer walks into a store to buy a specific product.

It may seem redundant to dress up a shelf space if the customer already wants the product that is placed there. However, to truly sell more inventory, you need to understand how a customer thinks, not just what they buy.

Customers want you to tell them why they need to purchase your products. They know about your competition, and they could easily visit them instead of you. From the time the customer walks into your store, to the time he or she leaves, you need to tell and better yet, show, him or her exactly why your products are better.

Showing is better than telling because, when you show a customer something, you are also allowing him or her to verify the benefits of shopping at your store. This is opposed to simply telling a customer why he or she should shop with you, which is the exact same thing your competition do.

You need to stand in front and above your competition if you want to make sales, especially when you use displays to host products for customers to see and purchase.

With point of purchase displays, you can show your customers why your products are better. Here are two ways how you can do this.

Dress up Your POP Displays like Your Products

Being bigger, your POP displays should attract customers’ attention quicker than the individual items you line your shelves with. A 4 or 5 foot cardboard display, featured anywhere in your store, is bound to attract eyes and attention, no matter where customers and visitors are located. They will all see the display and curiously come over to inspect it.

As such, you need to ensure that more customers and potential customers see your displays, and that these individuals are fixated by it. They have to want to admire the display and the inventory it holds, walk up to it, and rationalize purchasing more items. This is easy to do if you dress up your display like the products you are displaying.

It is very common to see dentistry displays shaped like toothbrushes, automotive displays dressed up like vehicles, and candy displays dressed up like the candy each display hosts. You should do something similar for your products.

How to Style Your Displays

First, the use of color is important. Simply having your displays be one color is bland and boring. Liven it up and create color combinations that contrast well. Doing so will really catch the attention of your customers. Combinations like blue and yellow, black and white, and green and red really work well together.

The next thing that you can design to make your display unique is its overall shape. As long as the display is structurally stable and can hold your inventory, you have practically free license to design its shape just how you want. You can make your displays circular, square, rectangular, triangular, and more. You are only limited by your imagination.

POP (point of purchase) displays are a great way to boost sales, practically overnight. Customizing your displays to better match your company and your products is key to grabbing customers’ attention. For more information about the benefits that displays offer, please visit McLeish Corr-A-Box, with outreach in Toronto and the GTA, either online at our website or in-store today.