Are you a merchandising novice? Do you have a new product to introduce into a competitive marketplace? Have you considered all your options on the retail floor? If you’ve never had to deal with or think about Point Of Purchase Displays before now, this article may be of benefit to you.

Corrugated Merchandising Solutions

A POP display is best described as marketing material placed next to or with the merchandise being promoted for sale. These items are typically located by the checkout area or another location in a retail environment where purchasing decisions are being made. POP displays can easily be one of the most underutilized tools in retail today. An effective display will draw attention to the items and when a consumer takes notice, they tend to make a purchase. If you’re fortunate enough to find a good point of purchase display manufacturer like McLeish, you will discover the impact potential of corrugated merchandising solutions that can do wonders for your business by getting your products seen, picked up and moving to the cash register.

See What’s Out There

Are you in a position to launch a new product into the marketplace? Is the world of retail merchandising a bit overwhelming? Fear not, it’s easier than it seems when you’ve got seasoned professionals on your team. If this is your first time delving into this area, the best initial advice would be for you to get out there and see what others have done with their display units. Investigate a variety of retail environments, not just those that pertain specifically to your product category. Take a look at the various POP displays out there and make note of the design aspects you like, both structurally and graphically. Identify any features you appreciate in the units you see out there. Venture online to our website and others to gather some ideas and make a list of elements you may like to incorporate into your design.

Different Types Of POP Displays

Depending on the size and placement of your product/s, and the type of retail space they’ll be available for purchase in, there are three main types of POP displays available to you:

Counter Style –

Small items may warrant a countertop display unit, as with cosmetics, confectionery and impulse items located at the checkout counter. Even tough these units are smaller in size experienced designers know how best to make use of the limited space to generate impact by effectively using colour and graphic imaging for wow factor.

Floor Displays –

Floor model displays allow for more exposure and design flexibility, sometimes with 360 degree visibility in a retail space. Your imagination can run wild with floor units, where graphic and structural design elements can be ramped up for maximum impact. If your brand has its’ own mascot, you can incorporate that figure into your creative and the constructed shape of the display itself. Corrugated merchandising solutions offers a lot of flexibility and creative imagineering.

Display Ready Pallets –

Pallet displays are most effective in big box retail environments where products are stored, moved and merchandized on skids. You’re a bit more limited on some wild creative, however talented seasoned design professionals will be able to easily maximize the impact these displays can have in larger retail spaces.

Penetrate Consumer Consciousness

Retail merchandising can easily encompass an aggressive atmosphere where stores and products are vying for consumer attention. Getting your products and message out there effectively enough to penetrate consumer consciousness involves diligent thought to ensure your goods get noticed in the competitive retail environment. If you’re new to this arena and are searching for some seasoned retail merchandising talent in Toronto, the GTA or throughout Ontario, contact us at McLeish Corr-A-Box. We are reliable, innovative corrugated solutions providers servicing a plethora of businesses in a wide variety of industries. Our forte is custom designed orders for both merchandising and packaging of products.