When creating a company, you must develop your brand, a logo, your products, and how you will ship them. While branding is imperative to the success of your company, so are the boxes that you ship your products in.

The modern marketplace is extremely competitive and most of your competition is willing to undercut you to get a sale. With that in mind, it is becoming increasingly important for you to ship your products in high quality boxes.

But, what makes a good box? Here are 5 things to look for when sourcing boxes for your business.

1. Box Shape

This one goes without saying. Every product requires a specific type of box to ship it. If your product stacks nicely, classic rectangle corrugated boxes may be best for you.

If you are shipping a canned product, a corrugated tray may be the best option.

Corrugated boxes come in all shapes and forms and most packaging companies are ready to help you choose a box that perfectly suits your product.

2. Box Durability

Durability goes a long way in the world of shipping. No one remembers when their package arrives in its proper condition, but everyone remembers when they receive a damaged product.

When sourcing boxes for your business, you want to place a premium on durability and make sure that they will survive the rough shipping process.

The most important thing you can do is check the weight thresholds that the boxes are capable of withstanding and seeing how your specific box performs in an edge crush test.

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3. Types of Lid / Seal

Some products require boxes with special flaps, lids, or seals. The average corrugated box is closed with traditional flaps that are taped shut.

However, other forms of boxes have overhead tuck tops, full overlap flaps, due custom lids, or specialized lids that can be taped for extra durability.

The type of seal you choose for your products is heavily dependent on their dimensions and how you plan to ship them. Any lid that has stronger edges and a better seal will keep your products safe and help prevent them from getting crushed during the shipping process.

4. Wall Types

In the world of boxes, wall type is everything. Typically, you must choose between single, double, or tri-wall boxes.

Each wall adds more durability to the box and helps protect your products. As an example, you may choose a single wall box if you are shipping clothing and you aren’t overly worried about a little stress on the box, while you would choose a tri-wall box if you are shipping extremely delicate products that will break if the box has any give at all.

5. Price

Price is always something to consider when purchasing boxes for your business. The more features you add to your boxes, the more expensive they will get.

When sourcing boxes for your business, you must decide what level of durability you need and how much you are willing to pay to guarantee that your products will arrive safely.

It isn’t an easy choice to make, and you may feel overwhelmed by the decision, if that is the case, feel free to contact us and we will help you decide which box is best for your product.

McLeish Corr-A-Box has been providing high quality corrugated boxes to companies located in Toronto and the GTA for many years. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you and to help you choose the right box for your business.