The goal of any business that sells products is to sell products. This much seems obvious, but with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on which ones to use for your business.
One proven method that is often overlooked in our increasingly digital landscape is traditional point of purchase displays. These displays are still an effective way to advertise your products in a location where your customers are ready to buy. In this article, we will explore 5 popular POP displays and briefly discuss how to put them to use to advertise your products.

1. Counter POP Displays

Counter displays are extremely popular, cost effective, and a great way to advertise your products. If you’ve ever entered a gas station, you’ve seen one of these displays. They usually house smaller products, like chocolate bars, energy supplements, and any product that you can hold in the palm of your hand.
The reason why this type of product is effective has to do with where they are located. Typically, you will find counter point of purchase displays at the cash register. Customers who are lining up to pay will often grab these value added items and add them to their purchase. Not only does this mean additional sales for you, but it also helps to build your brand as customers will subconsciously remember your branding and products.

2. Floor POP Displays

Floor displays are another efficient way to market your products because they can be placed almost anywhere in a store. These displays are usually decked out with graphics, your company logo, branding, social media accounts, and product information that is designed to help you sell more.
Because floor displays are larger, you can display product variations, important consumer information, and they tend to be more durable because of how they are built.

3. Power Wings POP Displays

Power wings displays are usually placed at the end of an aisle and attached to an existing shelfing unit. In a grocery store, they usually feature promotional or sales items, value added items, and other “quick” items that a consumer would need on the fly.
This type of display can be featured in grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, and any retail environment where value added items are an accepted practice.

4. Dump Bin POP Displays

Did you accidentally overstock a few products? A dump bin is the best way to unload those products fast. Dump bins are usually placed in the middle of large aisles and are used to offload overstock and smaller products that need to be sold quickly.
Dump bins are commonly used in major retail stores like Walmart, Loblaws, the Real Canadian Superstore, and other similar stores.

5. Endcap POP Displays

When it comes to versatility, the endcap display is one of your best choices. These displays are often placed at the end of an aisle just beyond the shelving units. They are large, capable of displaying all of your company branding and relevant product information, and they can showcase a wide variety of your products.
Most companies tend to choose endcap point of purchase displays because they are popular, they work, and they are designed to engage your target audience when they are in the vulnerable stages of the buyer’s journey.

Getting the “Pop” out of POP Displays

Point of purchase displays have been a popular marketing tool for decades. Unlike other forms of traditional advertising, these types of displays are still highly effective and fairly affordable when compared to other advertising methods.
If you have any questions about point of purchase displays, feel free to contact McLeish Corr-A-Box today. We have been helping businesses in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario, and most of North America take advantage of this method of advertising for many years.
• POP displays are the perfect choice for a business that wants to target their customers when they are shopping.
• They come in a wide variety of styles, allowing you to market your products however you want.
• Build your brand awareness by engaging your customers while they shop.