The goal of any business is to make more money than you spend. There are many ways you can increase revenues, but one area that many product-based companies forget about is the branding power that their corrugated boxes provide.
This idea may seem odd at first, but every corrugated box that you ship out has the potential to help you develop and build your brand.

1. Easy: Custom Corrugated Boxes

This is the simplest answer. No matter what products you are shipping, you should always use custom boxes to ship them. You want your products to be seen through every step of the shipping process. This is a form of free advertising and it can help you build brand awareness.
Think about it like this…
People often see your box in transit, at the post office, sitting on your doorstep, or it may even be seen after it has arrived through the recycling process, as storage, or for many other reasons. You want this free advertising to be effective and nothing captures someone’s attention like a custom box. Need proof, look no further than the classic Amazon A-Z logo. That is branding in action.

2. Packing Peanuts

For more environmentally-conscious companies, biodegradable packing peanuts provide you with a rare opportunity to show your customers that you care about the environment. While not every one of your customers will care about the environment, those that do, tend to REALLY care about it. Show them you care about their business by making a small, environmentally-friendly change in the way you pack and ship your products.
If you can manage to make your more vocal customers happy, there is a good chance they will recommend your products, or even share positive content about your business online.

3. Customized Shipping Tape

It’s often cheaper to order standard shipping tape, but if you want to create a more branded experience, you should invest in branded shipping tape to seal your corrugated boxes. The more branded you can make your packages, the more credible you will make your business seem.
Turning to Amazon again, look at the way they brand their boxes. The logo is clearly visible, the tape has the logo on it, and they often use inserts that are branded as well. Individually, these small pieces mean nothing, but together, they create an entire experience based around the company’s brand.

4. Create Social Experiences with Your Corrugated Boxes

Not every company has the need to create social experiences, but if your products are more shareable and trendy, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this.
Here’s a quick example.
If you are shipping some type of fitness clothing, you can leverage your audience into free promotion. Place a call to action in your box enticing them to share fitness pictures using your brand on social media, to provide a review for a potential discount, or any other type of positive interaction.
If your products are high quality and desirable, your customers will be happy to share them, and this kind of free advertising would normally cost you a lot to achieve.

Corrugated Boxes Provide Amazing Advertising Opportunities

Don’t pass on free advertising. If you’d like to learn more about how you can put your boxes to use for you, contact McLeish Corr-A-Box today. We have been helping companies all throughout Toronto, the GTA, Ontario, and North America get more value out of their boxes and we are ready to help you do the same.
• Custom corrugated boxes aren’t as expensive as you think, contact us for a direct quote.
• Build a better brand by creating a more consistent customer experience.
• Don’t be afraid to take big steps, sometimes you have to be a little bold if you want your brand to stand out.