Point of purchase (POP) displays has been around for as long as most consumers can remember. Even though we are currently in the digital age, POP displays are still a great way to advertise your business.

If you need proof of how prevalent POP displays are, walk into any grocery store or gas station and look for the latest promotional POP displays featuring iconic movie characters and brands. There are tons of them.

1. Engage Your Customers Where They Shop

One of the things that make POP displays so effective is the fact that they help you engage your customers where they shop.

When a customer is at the grocery store, they are already in what marketers would refer to as their “buy mode.” Because of this, they are susceptible to advertising that is directly catered to their wants and needs.

If you advertise your product on point of purchase displays, you will increase your chances at landing a customer and building a long-term relationship with them if they are satisfied with your product after purchasing it.

Displays are often placed in strategic locations that will capture the attention of consumers as they shop. These colorful displays are often placed at eyelevel and are designed to turn would-be buyers into committed buyers.

2. Establish Your Brand

Even if your point of purchase displays don’t land you an immediate customer, the pure marketing value they provide is invaluable.

The modern consumer is often bombarded with advertisements from all angles, but the goal of any successful marketing campaign is to embed your product in the subconscious of your consumers. A shining example of this is how most consumers will think of McDonald’s when they are craving a hamburger, or how most will turn to Coca Cola when they want a soda.

POP displays put your product front and center and help you establish your brand by placing it in the crosshairs of your consumers. Once a consumer sees your POP displays, your products and brand will be planted in their memory and there is a strong chance that they will be able to draw on your brand at a later date when they need one of your products.

3. Take Advantage of Trends

Taking advantage of trends is important in today’s competitive marketplace. Trends can start quickly and without notice, so getting your products into the hands of your consumers is important. Sometimes it isn’t enough to have your product on the bottom shelf of the grocery store shelf.

POP displays can be a useful tool to ensure that your product shines above your competition. Through strategic placement and timing, a POP display can help you take advantage of trends and cash in on them.

4. Multiple Placement Locations

POP displays can be placed all throughout the stores where your customers shop. Popular types of displays include standing displays, shelf displays, counter displays, and more.

For some products, this can make or break them, as it allows them to directly advertise their product to their consumers through the use of strategic branding and promotional material.

Once You Go with POP Displays, You Don’t Stop

If you are interested in purchasing point of purchase displays for your business, McLeish Corr-A-Box is ready to help. We have been providing businesses in Toronto and the GTA with our products for many years and we understand how this industry works. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today. We would love to help you choose the right POP displays for your business.