While there’s a tendency to believe that offline advertising is increasingly moribund in the digital age, this is not something that is borne out by the statistics.

Despite the sustained growth of ecommerce sales, offline retail channels continue to dominate the consumer marketplace. In 2016 alone, for example, global retail sales peaked at $22.049 trillion, with online transactions accounting for just $1.915 trillion of this bounty.

With this in mind, it’s important that retail businesses continue to invest in offline marketing channels, particularly those that are deployed in store. Channels such as POP displays are especially effective, offering a low-cost way of optimising sales and achieving a superior ROI on your marketing spend.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why you need to install point of purchase displays in your store. Here are just a few:

1. POP Displays are Capable of Driving Impulse Purchases

In order to understand the impact of point of purchase displays, you also need to have an insight into the average customers’ mind.

Studies from mass merchandise stores are particularly informative in this respect, with an estimated 74% of all customer purchases not planned in advance. Incredibly, approximately 68% of purchases are also considered to be impulse buys, with this trend prevalent across a number of industries.

This suggests that customers are extremely susceptible to in-store marketing, as their purchasing decisions are formed and finalised in real-time as they continue to shop. So, with an effective POP display, it’s possible to directly influence consumer behaviour and increase sales conversions noticeably.

Counter point of purchase displays are the most suited to driving impulse buys, as they are located at cash registers and typically feature small, high value items.

2. POP Displays Can Successfully Promote your Brand

We’ve already touched on how customers are extremely responsive to in-store marketing, and this is also reflected by their approach to brands when shopping offline.

Incredibly, 68% of customers are actively willing to switch to a new product or brand when in-store, while just 5% claim to have brand loyalty. This creates a unique marketing opportunity for offline retailers, who can use the available floor space to raise brand awareness and direct new customers to their full product range.

So, what type of POP display is best-suited to this marketing strategy?

Floor displays are probably the most effective way of raising brand awareness in-store, as they can be placed almost anywhere and tend to leverage impactful graphics. As a result, they can be designed to heavily promote your brand’s image, and strategically placed in a way that advertises large (and potentially diverse) product displays.

3. POP Displays Help to Drive Sales and Reinforce Value

According to research from the Point of Purchase Institute, POP marketing also offers an exceptionally effective way of driving promotional campaigns and advertising discounted prices to customers.

In fact, the deployment of strategically placed POP displays with clear messaging increases the average customer response by up to six-times. In the case of sales and discounted prices, this creates an easy to understand proposition that instantly engages customers and compels them to complete unplanned purchases in order to achieve far better value for money.

The same principle can also be applied to overall product purchases, including those that are completed outside of any promotional offer.

The key is to create eye-catching point of purchase displays that feature concise, primary messaging, as you’ll only have a limited time to engage in-store customers and influence their purchasing decisions.

Realising the Full Potential of POP Displays

While point of purchase displays have been a tried-and-tested marketing tool for generations, they’ve managed to maintain their relevance even in the digital age.

The key is to leverage POP displays to their full potential, and at McLeish Corr-A-Box we’re ideally placed to help you achieve this. We’ve been producing point of purchase displays in Toronto, Ontario and the wider GTA area for years, and would love to lend our expertise to your business.

  • Point of purchase displays can help to drive in-store sales and impulse purchases
  • They also offer an outstanding opportunity to raise brand awareness in-store
  • POP displays deliver an outstanding ROI and enhance customer responsiveness